Computer overhaul streamlines golf club

RANCHO SANTA FE — Major upgrades to the computer system and needed tennis court repairs were approved at the Sept. 2 Association meeting.
A mega server will be installed in October that will merge the computer records of the golf club, tennis club and Rancho Santa Fe Patrol. The technology upgrade allows instant access to all information without waiting for employees to send information system to system.
“It’s active enough to launch a space shuttle,” Steve Comstock, Association CFO, said.
Updated software will also be purchased and a “virtual system” overlay will allow 16 bit, 34 bit and 64 bit computers in the system to talk to each other. “It solves a lot of issues in operations and communications,” Comstock said.
The upgraded system and software will cost approximately $20,000 to purchase and install. Further computer system upgrades are not anticipated to be needed for eight years.
Also approved were approximately $143,000 in repairs and drainage system improvements for tennis courts No. 7 and No. 8., and the retaining wall.
Court No. 8 has been in disrepair for some time. Due to its poor condition it is relegated to be used as a training court, but lately it has been deemed unfit for even that use.
Renovations to the tennis courts have already begun.


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