Surfers make waves at third annual Grom-o-Rama

SOLANA BEACH — Dozens of local surfers 17 and younger hit the beach at Fletcher Cove early on Aug. 28 for the third annual Grom-o-Rama surf contest, sponsored by the Solana Beach Lifeguard Association.


Under 8 open

  1. Levi Slawson
  2. Shane Cox
  3. Caleb Crozier
  4. Miles Wolverton
  5. Sage Bolaris
  6. Jake Hernandez
  7. Tyler Traubman
  8. James Freedman

Girls open final

  1. Shelli Swindell
  2. Larissa Lambrou
  3. Rachel Rankin
  4. Maggie McKenna
  5. Michelle Myers

Boys 12-13 final

  1. Niko Traubman
  2. Wesley Edgar
  3. Tony Moore
  4. Turner Dean
  5. John Schade
  6. Ethan Syarbossa

Boys 9-11 final

  1. Micah Crozier
  2. Griffin Johnson
  3. Max Von Posern
  4. Cole Shattinger
  5. Ben Berend
  6. Gus Patrick

Boys 14-17 final

  1. Joel Btesh
  2. Emilio Jappelli
  3. Carlos Aguirre
  4. Matt Myers
  5. Guy Baxter
  6. Eric Schade

Boys faced off by age in three divisions: 9 to 11; 12 to 13; and 14 to 17.
There were also two open categories — one for girls 9 to 17 and another for 8 and younger.
Surfers had 15 minutes to catch as many waves as possible in several qualifying heats and one final per division.
“It is great to see all the kids having fun running around with smiles on their faces just being kids at the beach,” said Lt. Jason Shook, a Solana Beach lifeguard who provided wave-by-wave commentary throughout the morning.
“It reminds me of when I was a kid,” he said.
The event is a fundraiser for lifeguard programs and featured a raffle with a variety of prizes, provided by sponsors Quiksilver, Sanuk Foot Wear, Sol Sunguard, Surfride Surfshop, Dragon Optics, Jim Ratzer Family Law,, Moonlight Screen Printing, Clinch Gear, Bubble Gum Surf Wax and Bull Taco Restaurant.


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