Artists showcased during Leucadia festival

LEUCADIA — The sidewalks along North Coast Highway 101 were packed Aug. 29 as thousands of people participated in the sixth annual LeucadiArt Walk.
Paper parasols dotted the route between Marcheta and West Glaucus streets as volunteers from the Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association handed them out to borrow. “It’s a nice touch,” said Tamara Barnes, who used one of the colorful umbrellas to block the sun. “The bus was also a treat for the kids,” she said, referring to the red double-decker bus, dubbed the “Magic Bus,” that was used to transport participants from remote parking lots to the event.
More than 100 local artists in a variety of media showcased their work. The event has become more than an average street fair, with a reputation for high-quality art and unique talent.
In fact, approximately 120 artists submitted samples to the Leucadia 101 MainStreet Association. A jury decided which of the artists were most suited for the event in order to maintain the highest quality. Katie Murphy was among the artists showcasing her work in front of It’s a Luv Thing. “There are a lot of unique works of art here,” she said.
“I’m just glad we live in a place that has people producing this level of art,” said Patricia Quantic. The Leucadia resident joined her husband, Jeffrey, and several friends for a day of shopping at the event. “I bought handmade cards, Jeffrey bought a clock made from computer parts, it’s all so unusual and cool,” she said. “It really shows the ‘funky’ spirit of Leucadia when you get all of these artists together in one place.”
Musicians are on the list of artists and several bands and solo acts filled the air with sounds eclectic sounds. The Leucadia Locals entertained the crowd from the parking lot of Leucadia Glass while the Encinitas School of Music also performed throughout the day.
Local businesses took advantage of the crowd to engage potential customers and provide family-friendly activities. 454 Tattoo shop set up a coloring station for kids and gave out free temporary tattoos.
“This is one of those events that is nice to take the whole family to and you can stay as long as you want,” said Jennifer Beecham, who walked from her house just a few blocks away with a toddler and 6-year-old in tow. “When they get tired, we’ll leave, but until then we’re having a ball.”
This year, a beer garden provided by Stone Brewing Co. was added to the event that accompanied the wine garden provided by Wine Styles. According to Morgan Mallory, art gallery owner and a founder of the LeucadiArt Walk, no food vendors were allowed in order to encourage visitors to patronize area restaurants.
“At the heart of this is an event that takes a lot of time and preparation and participation by the community,” said Belinda Solis, an Oceanside resident and artist who was a spectator rather than a seller. “I love to come and see what other artists are up to and how the people respond,” she said. “In this case it looks like a very good reception for the artists.”


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