Letters: Aug. 27, 2010

RE: Demonstration of quieter wayside train horn

I was shocked and amazed to hear that candidate Kristin Gaspar (at Encinitas City Council meeting on Aug. 18) is taking credit for the Wayside Horn Demonstration scheduled for Aug. 24.
Councilwoman Teresa Barth has worked for years with the community to find solutions for better pedestrian access across the railroad tracks and to find ways to reduce the noise impacts along the rail corridor. She has encouraged the community of Leucadia especially that there is a way to cross the tracks safely.
At the April 21, 2010, meeting Barth reported on an upcoming wayside horn demonstration that she would be attending in Del Mar and also noted at the April 28 meeting that she had spoken to the company representative about holding a similar demonstration in Encinitas.
Gaspar’s self-congratulatory comments were disingenuous at best. She misrepresented not only her knowledge and background on the subject but also tried to take credit for the work of Councilwoman Barth. Is Gaspar the kind of council member we want representing us?

Rachelle Collier


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