Letters: Aug. 20, 2010

More going on than just Hall property
It truly amazes me that with all that is going on in Encinitas and the state that a candidate like Dan Dalager can only focus on one issue. The Hall property will be built when we have the money and there will be fields for the kids to play. It is kind of disingenuous to make it sound like this is a hot issue, when it is not. Especially when there were other ideas for more playing fields brought up in the past and Dan was so
against them … got to keep that campaign issue alive.
During the last election, I spoke with people in the community who had children that played sports. I asked them if they would like 90-foot lights behind their property and not one person said yes.
Now, the people in the community of Cardiff are made to sound like the bad guys because they are trying to protect their views, quality of life and property values. Wouldn’t anyone?
It’s time to talk about all the issues. I am supporting Teresa Barth and Tony Kranz because they know the issues and they listen to the entire community.

Rachelle Collier

Low-income housing doesn’t fit at Fletcher Cove
While we agree that the city of Solana Beach does need low-income housing, we can’t imagine a worse place for it to be put! This area, right across from Fletcher Cove, should be occupied with high-end housing. It’s one of the choicest areas in the city. People pay millions for homes this close to the beach. Why put low-income apartments there? Why?
What kind of a face do we want for Solana Beach? South Sierra Street near the Post Office needs to be totally cleaned up. The trailer park needs to be cleared off and the little apartments on the east side of Sierra also need to go. We could use more high-end shops or more high-end condos in that area. Or even just more parking for the beach. Don’t destroy the quality of our city.

Carolyn and Bruce Ellefson
Solana Beach


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