Crackdown planned for bike riders

RANCHO SANTA FE — Patrol Chief Matt Wellhouser reported to the Association the statistics for the first six months of the year at the Aug. 5 meeting.
Wellhouser told the Association that his numbers have not changed much since this time last year.
“Burglary is down a little and our overall volume is about the same,” Wellhouser said.
He said there were 1,598 calls dispatched and 278 alarm calls for the period.
“We had 13 burglaries, six were commercial burglaries where there were thefts and tools from construction sites and seven were residential burglaries with forced entries,” he said.
He said there was one home robbery.
“He confronted the homeowner, asked for money and left,” he said.
The homeowner was not hurt.
There also was a homicide, which is still under investigation.
The body of Dr. Robert Frank Stonebreaker was found in the driveway of a home on Paseo Delicias on Jan. 16. Wellhouser said the incident was first called in as a traffic accident, but further investigation revealed he had been killed.
“There is no news on that and it is still an active case,” Wellhouser said.
He said the number of traffic accidents is about the same.
“Speed and driving under the influence,” he named as the major factors.
He said 22 percent of the calls are initiated by the patrol itself, those being a suspicious person or vehicle, being flagged down by a citizen, or discovering an unlocked door at a business.
“It’s a myriad of different things,” he said.
He said 99 percent of alarm calls are false.
“It’s an equipment problem, or they didn’t turn off the alarm when they came in,” he said.
The majority of auto burglaries were the result of people not locking their car doors.
Wellhouser reminded everyone to lock their doors and turn on their alarms when they leave their house and the same goes for cars. He also advised residents that if they are looking to buy a home alarm system, they should choose one that is no more trouble to arm than setting a DVR. He said if it is too difficult, people will not want to deal with it and leave their home unprotected.
The patrol assisted the CHP three times, the fire department 336 times and the sheriff’s department 164 times.
In other Rancho Santa Fe Patrol news, Wellhouser said his people and the CHP will begin cracking down on weekend bicycle riders who ride in packs of as many as 150 occupying traffic lanes and clogging streets in the area.
He said after he and the CHP met with leaders of bike clubs whose members ride locally, no change in attitude has been forthcoming.
“We will begin issuing citations,” Wellhouser said.
Wellhouser, a bike rider himself, said that everyone should practice a little tolerance and share the road.


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