Constantly gray skies still have a silver lining

No one is more excited than I that the sun has finally made a shaky appearance around here.
Still, the summer of 2010 has pretty much given us the cold shoulder and I was royally displeased.
One of my true joys in life is the freedom of slipping on sandals and light clothing for a few months each year.
Until this week, I have worn sweatshirts and remained shod in tennis shoes. My toes felt claustrophobic in the extreme.
I longed for this cool weather as I was sweating through high school in El Cajon and later living in Palm Springs. Now, when my metabolism has pretty much shut down, the breezes stay brisk. Ah, fickle fate.
It seems the ocean water stayed chilly courtesy of La Nina, and until it hits the high 60s, the marine layer will not budge. June and July water temps hovered at a nippy 63 degrees. Dang. I don’t even stick a toe in until its 73.
But in an effort to curtail being dubbed a cranky, heat-seeking, pessimistic old broad (I know you were thinking it), I have decided to list 10 reasons why relentless damp, gray skies this summer have been a good thing.
1. I didn’t have to shave my legs much, or expose my stunning map work of leg veins to the general public.
2. I got to put off the torturous shopping for a new bathing suit.
3. Future visits to the dermatologist have been significantly reduced.
4. Anyone who grew up in Northern California and/or hangs out east of Rancho Santa Fe Road has been happy as a Pismo clam.
5. With no temptation to hit the beach, I finished several distasteful projects around the house.
6. My always-neglected plants weren’t dying nearly as fast.
7. We may see a drop in tourist road traffic for the next summer or two.
8. I actually found a parking place at the beach.
9. The sand at the beach has stayed at the beach, rather than piling up in my laundry room.
10. Everyone east of the Sierra Nevada gets this whole summer not to envy us.
Sure, I can find a little silver lining to the constant gray skies, but I have to come clean. I am jumping around like a schoolgirl now that the sun has finally made a timid showing. I’m off to the beach, because we both know summer’s just not summer without a little sand in your pants.


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