Baking cakes proves to be good for the soul

I’m not really one
to rant on something. Originally, I had submitted a different story for my column. What I had sent in was an opinion on “zip code snobbery,” which I’m sure none of you are really concerned about.
Sometimes sleeping on it is exactly what everyone needs to do. After reading it the next morning, I decided if someone wants to feel better about their zip code, what’s so terrible about that? You work hard, you slave, and if where you live makes you feel better about tackling this life, by all means indulge in those feelings. What makes more sense to share is what I recently discovered: I love to bake cakes.
When I went home to my sister’s wedding, I baked a whopping 9 cakes in a two week stretch. I blissfully slaved away mixing and frosting cakes for many hours with a smile just plastered across my face. Yes, I know…I’ve thought about it. I may be having an early mid-life crisis. Mine just happens to be in the form of baking.
Last week I even offered to make the cake for a bridal shower for my in-laws. I think my husband’s family seemed surprised that I had volunteered for this most important task. I have, after all been with them for almost three years. Their daughter-in-law by marriage for one year, and never once I have I offered to bake a cake. I think that seemed rather odd to them. I’ve made salads, or brought side dishes or offered to pick up a pie. But never once have I offered to bake something.
With much delight, they said yes to my request. So imagine me baking a double layer white cake with strawberry rhubarb cheesecake filling. I made the decadent butter cream frosting. You might be wondering if I have ever made this recipe before.
Just whipped it up out of thin air, like I had been doing it most of my life. Of course, I did receive a couple of important tips from my sister. She helped me narrow down my idea of how to make the rhubarb strawberry filling. How is it that I have now only discovered my love for making sugary white frosting, beating eggs and decorating cakes in my late thirties?
That’s part of the mystery in our journey. We must unearth those simple pleasures that add meaning to our daily routine. Baking cakes just make me smile. What brings joy to your day? Do yourself a favor. Try to find something new that lights your soul on fire. You might be surprised at how much a new hobby can turn an ordinary day into something that feels magnificent. Life is more about the small pleasures that are within our reach. The trick is to discover what they are along the way.
Around town
On July 28, I was invited to a fabulous event at Fixtures Living. Live entertainment, incredible fresh organic foods were cooked on state of the art appliances, while guests mingled and admired the enormous warehouse of fixtures for modest to luxury homes. Rancho Santa Fe Realtor Tammy Tidmore was kind enough to include me on this guest list. Except for the drive in rush hour traffic to Miramar road, the evening was lovely. SDAR partnered with other professional realtors in the San Diego area to bring this event together. Featured here is Tammy Tidmore, with one of the owners of Fixtures Living, Jeffery Sears.
On July 30, Elaine Gallagher celebrated her birthday with many of her good friends at the luxurious turf club at the Del Mar Racetrack. You may know Elaine as one of the prettiest blondes in town, or from the Gallagher & Gallagher real estate team. I spotted Elaine one day in her gorgeous black Bentley in the Ranch, and she looked like a movie star straight out of Hollywood. Featured here with Elaine at her birthday party are Carmen O’Riordan, Shannon Glascione, Audrey Goldshmidt, Kathy Herington, the birthday girl, Christine, Jen, Christine, Lisa Norton and Kelly Baldwin. Thanks Elaine for sharing your special day with me.
On Aug. 1, Rancho Santa Fe resident Dottie McCrink hosted a bridal shower for her granddaughter Molly McCrink. Molly will be getting married this fall in Cabo San Lucas to Walter Beringer. Molly currently resides in Seattle. She flew in for this special occasion. Natalie Shull helped organize the wonderful shower for her cousin. I was thrilled to bake a white cake with strawberry rhubarb cheesecake filling, glazed in butter cream icing. The day was absolutely splendid. After croissant chicken sandwiches, and other finger delights, the guests of Molly’s shower competed to see who could make the best bridal dress out of one role of toilet paper. I have included three fun photos from Dottie McCrink’s wonderful bridal shower for Molly that day. Dottie’s sister, Caroline Fleischman, is featured with Mina McCrink. Featured also are Natalie and Katie Shull, Dottie McCrink, Mary Murphy McCrink and the bride-to-be, Molly McCrink. Dottie and Ed McCrink have been Ranch residents for over 40 years.
Save the date
Helen Woodward is holding its first ever rummage sale, Wags to Riches, from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Aug. 28. Take advantage of a variety of items from clothing to pet items, new books, to fitness clothing, as well as a variety of tack to benefit their Therapeutic Riding program, which helps enrich the lives of disabled children. They are looking for gently used items, which you can donate every day that week from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. All items for the rummage sale must be dropped off by Aug. 24. If you donate anything for this event you will receive a receipt and donations are tax deductable. For more information, check out
Featured here are Georgia Pace and Jane Mezzino from the NCL Del Norte Chapter. According to Reness Resko, “This chapter of NCL has been instrumental in organizing in helping with this event. They will also be working the day of the sale.” How marvelous these young girls are donating their time to such a wonderful charity.


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