Sometimes change creates static

Soon forgotten
Wild Animal Park is now San Diego Zoo Safari Park and that has created a lotta shouting, media editorials and public disdain. Change is constant and it’s normal that it creates public reaction. Some folks object to change of any kind. They get up in the morning figuring there is something to be against. In due time it’s all forgotten. Quail Gardens, for example, is now San Diego Botanic Garden. The Del Mar Chamber of Commerce is the San Diego Coastal Chamber and the Del Mar Fair is the San Diego County Fair. Jack Murphy Stadium is Qualcomm. In every instance change brought out the aginners and that will never change.
Topsy turvey
Proposition 19, the pot measure on the November ballot, appears to be a toss up. Polls change almost weekly with one of the latest having it OK’d. Lotta interest becuz it provides the open sale of weed; however, the question is how will it square with fed regs?
Coastal Commission loses big one
A San Mateo family seeking a zone change so they could build their home on their ranch became entangled with the Coastal Commission. It ruled that in order to approve their request it would have to give up more than 140 acres as a public easement for farming or cattle grazing. Pacific Legal Foundation took the issue to court and a judge ruled the demand was unconstitutional.
Church parking lot meters
Installation of 22 parking meters on the St. Peters Episcopal Church parking lot in the Surfside City was done with church OK. Revenue will be split 50-50 after the cost of the meters has been amortized. Church sees it as a way to discourage free parking by folks who aren’t going there to pray.
Permanent location
A bronze sculpture of Tom Dempsey has been accepted by the Flower Capital City. Permanent location for it should be at San Dieguito where Dempsey attended school. Dempsey, who was handicapped, kicked a 63-yard field goal for the New Orleans Saints in the final seconds to win a game for a record that still stands. The sculpture in a mini-park with other San Dieguito greats would be an inspiration for students. The Dempseys were Leucadia residents.
Tar balls
With all the attention being given to tar balls on Gulf Coast beaches there have been reports of these oil globs appearing on the O’side and Flower Capital beaches. No relation. Like sting rays and grunion they happen every summer and have been a nuisance for years. Particularly when kids track them home and on to carpets.
Charter cites
O’side recently became a charter city that allows it to circumvent certain state laws and regs like setting salaries. The city of Bell, population of 40,000, is a prime example of abuses that can occur when the elected are left to their own shenanigans. Top Bell city administrators are receiving obscene salaries in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Pensions worse. Finally, taxpayers stormed city hall. Yes, a charter is a money saver in some areas but it also means the electeds must be constantly monitored through rigid transparency.
Drought level 2
Flower Capital city electeds have wisely decided that residents who receive their water from San Dieguito Water District continue to be on the Drought Level 2 scale. It’s a wise investment against possible future drastic rationing. Vote to retain Level 2 was 4-l with only Jerome Stocks voting to return to Level 1, which would allow resumption of unrestricted residential development.
Sports city
Escondido has always been highly sports-oriented. The Escondido High School Cougars were a powerhouse in the city when there were no pro teams in the area. Softball and basketball town teams also fared well in Southland competition. Needed now is a 9,000-seat baseball stadium to be the home base for the Portland Beavers. That’s doable. Elsinore and Adelanto in nearby counties have minor league baseball teams and do well. Fans like to watch players that are aspiring to break into the majors. And they enjoy munching on affordable hot dogs and popcorn on balmy summer evenings, yacking with old friends and making new ones.
Desal water
San Diego County Water Authority will be buying water from Poseidon Resources when it goes online but has made it clear that it will not engage in a financial bailout program or purchase the facility under construction at Encina. Desal plants are currently operating all over the universe.
Kudos to Surfside City resident Nancy Stoke who collected thousands of unwanted carnival stuffed animals at the recent County Fair and has distributed them to youngsters at Rady Children’s Hospital in the Harbor City and other kids’ places … New R. Roger Rowe School in Rancho Santa Fe expected to be ready by the beginning of the school year … Paul Ecke III and Ken Wood have been appointed to the Scripps Community Advisory Board … Tri-City hospital trustees have admonished Kathleen Sterling for the third time … County residents are reported to be throwing away considerably less trash indicating the recycling campaign is showing results … Solbeach has published a spiffy new city map … Del Sol Lions Club prexy Dave Roberts reports the recently chartered organization has brought in biznessman David Cain as the 67th member … Del Mar Community Connections will celebrate its 10th birthday with a barbecue, music and dancing Oct. 10.

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