Local doctor warns council of cell phone tower dangers

ENCINITAS — Solana Beach-based doctor Dan Harper, MD, warned City Council on July 21 of the dangers associated with radio frequencies and cell phone towers.
“Radio frequencies are causing tremendous damage to our environment,” he said. “There are over 2,000 scientific reports that show harm to plants and animals.”
Harper noted that radio frequencies are a suspected cause of autism and a number of cancers. He believes that if people are increasingly exposed to these frequencies, “we are headed toward an epidemic” of wireless transmission-related diseases.
He urged the council to reconsider a decision allowing cell phone towers in the community, as well as create safe havens in public places where residents sensitive to radio frequencies can escape wireless Internet networks and cell phone usage.
“We’ve got to do something,” Harper said. “You’re letting this thing affect everyone.”
Harper recently sat down with the Coast News to further discuss this health issue. Read the full story in a future issue of The Coast News.


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