First phase of Encinitas General Plan Update complete

ENCINITAS — Looking ahead to 2035, Encinitas’ city staff is one phase closer to completing the General Plan that will guide future development in the area.
Staff and consultants recently wrapped up Phase 1 of the three-phase updating process, which resulted in the “Community Vision Report.” The finalized report was presented to City Council on July 14 for comments and approval to move on to the next phase.
“The vision report is a culmination of the feedback and comments that we’ve received from the public workshops that have been held,” Principal Planner Diane Langager said.
Consultant Matt Raimi of Raimi + Associates covered the main themes found in the report, which touched on preserving the city’s uniqueness; creating a sustainable and pedestrian-friendly community; and developing a strong local economy.
He also noted that residents expressed a strong interest in developing an environmentally friendly, multi-modal transportation system. “They want streets that also accommodate pedestrians and cyclists, and expanded transit service in the community.”
Council members offered suggestions for inclusion, such as providing more skateboard-friendly paths, but also commented that some of the desired improvements read more like a wish list.
“It’s a plan that is almost beyond reach,” Councilman James Bond said. “We ought to bring it back down to what we can do here in our community — what is feasible and possible.”
Staff will use the council’s comments and suggestions to finalize the Vision report before moving into Phase 2. Once there, they will attempt to make the community’s desires a reality by incorporating the key issues into the updated General Plan document. “We have to begin to make some of these tough decisions and make some tradeoffs,” Raimi said, of their goal to also create some alternative options to the plan as well.
Just as before, staff will continue holding workshops and lecture series for residents to stay involved in the process. They will work alongside the General Plan Advisory Committee and other neighborhood groups to finalize the document.
“This is the community’s plan and it will continue to be the community’s plan,” he said.
Raimi expects the next phase to be completed in six to nine months. The final phase of the process will consist of review and adoption
of the updated General Plan and the associated Environmental Impact Report.
“I love the 2035 themes; it sees what we are now — only better,” Councilwoman Teresa Barth said. “The future looks bright.”
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