Some property owners will enjoy lower taxes

Thanks to reduced valuations
Approximately 660,000 property taxpayers will be rubbing their eyes in disbelief when they scan their bills and find the amount due is less rather than more, compared to last year’s. One reason is Prop. 13 provides that taxes can only be raised a max of 2 percent of the assessed valuation and according to the Cal Consumer Index it is less this year for the first time in eons. However, assessed valuations have not dropped in some areas, the Surfside City, for example. A second reason is some 190,000 owners were successful in having their property reassessed due to current real estate conditions. Overall, the total countywide property value is $393 billion.
Candidate filing period
According to Flower Capital City Clerk Deborah Cervone, council aspirants have until Aug. 6 to file for the Nov. 2 election. It’s Aug. 11 if no incumbents apply. However, Teresa Barth and Tony Kranz have already announced they are running. A four-page fact sheet with all the rules, regs, dos and don’ts is available from the city clerk’s office or city’s website. This information varies in each city so it’s wise to check in advance. There is still time to register to vote. Deadline is Oct. 18.
Looking ahead
Dates have been announced for a pair of year-end activities at the fairgrounds. The 16th annual Holiday of Lights with more than 400 animated lighted scenes bows Thanksgiving Day eve and continues, Thursday through Sunday, through Jan. 2. Scream Zone that can be a terrifying experience opens for the 13th year beginning Sept 24. and continues through Halloween night, Oct. 31.
Bond measure
That $11 billion water bond measure will not appear on the November ballot at the request of the Governator. He sensed this year’s vote would be less than favorable. As can be expected, state electeds have loaded it with pork barrel projects.
County budget OK’d
A $4.9 billion county budget has been approved on time and 3 percent smaller than the old one. According to published reports it reflects cutbacks in child welfare and substance abuse programs, work force reductions involving more than 500 jobs and anticipated state mandates when state electeds get around to passing the already past due budget.
Irrigation district to expand
When engineering design is completed, Rancho Santa Fe Irrigation District will be able to expand its recycled water system. Currently it’s going to street medians, the golf course, parks and landscape areas. It will serve Fairbanks Ranch.
Natives are restless
Lotsa Costa Mesa residents are up in arms about the possible sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds to a City Joint Power Authority. They don’t trust the closed-door sessions and backroom dealings that have been going on.
Bucking the tide
Mindful that voters are in no mood to spend money during current economic conditions, Encinitas Union School District nevertheless has scheduled a $44 million bond vote for consideration in November. Sez it needs dough for such items as improvements to a multi-purpose room at Capri Elementary, replacing portable classrooms at Ocean Knoll, and building a learning center and outdoor science lab. It wouldn’t be wise to gamble the family heirlooms on bond approval. It’s a doozie.
Retired but now interim manager
Flower Capital City Manager Phil Cotton, who retired the first week in July, will return to his office after a long vacation in the capacity of interim majordomo until the job is filled after the election according to pronouncements. The all-male troika has indicated it will search far and wide for a permanent manager.
Seal suit
Harbor City Mayor Jerry Sanders announced that installing a rope barrier to separate the public from the seals that are poaching on the Children’s Pool at La Jolla Cove will go through the normal process — which means it could take several weeks. Maybe a month or more. Now a lawyer who is representing a coppla animal rights groups has taken hizzoner to court saying that the emergency mandate meted out by a judge duzzn’t provide for slow motion.
Make ‘em pay
Hoodlums who trashed the area around Staples arena in L.A. after the Lakers won a national championship should be tossed in the slammer and kept there until they have paid every dollar for the damage they did, which has been estimated will run into the millions.
No rest
If O’side’s newest council elected Chuck Lowery plans to run for a four-year term in four months (indications are he does) he’ll have to divide his precious time between continuing his campaign and tending to crucial city bizness. No public word yet whether Lloyd Prosser, his opponent in the recent race, will be running again. Likely he will be.
Nan Sterman, an authority on water-saving tips and edible gardens, is lecturing and teaching classes throughout the Golden State … Looking to the future, Surfside City electeds have decided that future election ties will be a decided by drawing straws, which is not a new idea but worthwhile at this time when the city is in the financial shorts … Solbeach city electeds are anticipating an 11 percent boost in sales tax revenue … Susan Roberts, a financial pro, has joined Del Mar Foundation’s board of directors … U.S. Congressman Brian Bilbray has challenged his opponent, Francine Busby, to at least three debates … North Coast Repertory, based in Solbeach, is selling tix for its seven-program season that begins Sept. 1 with “Becky’s New Car” … Surfside City Mayor Richard Earnest likely won’t be a council candidate this time around.
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