Finally a Cardiff specific plan after more than a decade

Been a while
In 1999 four Cardiffians, including Teresa Barth, Barbara Cobb, Mike Clark and Jim Bush, met to organize residents who were interested in developing a specific plan for the community. They scheduled meetings that were held two weekends during the summer. It was the rule rather than the exception to have several hundred folks in attendance on those sweltering days. Eleven years later on June 23, council finally approved a plan that pretty much mirrors what the original group had come up with even though during the interim a highly paid consultant had turned it into a useless boilerplate mish mash that was soundly rejected. Ironically, Barth is now a council member and could not vote on the final document because she and her husband Don own property in the specific area. Kudos are due to the foursome with a vision for the beachside community.
Beach dough
C’bad and San Onofre state beaches are among those in So Cal that will benefit from Care For Our Coast’s $550,000 fund campaign that was co-sponsored by Coca Cola Bottling Co. and Stater Bros. Dough is earmarked for cleanup projects and recycling efforts according to a published report.
No fall racing where the turf meets the surf
In an 11th hour decision, Oak Tree Racing Association will continue to race at Santa Anita in Arcadia this fall. Track owner Frank Stronach had advised Oak Tree that Santa Anita was no longer available. However, Hollywood Park and Del Mar indicated they were ready to negotiate and that likely influenced Stronach. Oak Tree has been at Santa Anita since its inception in 1969 and has hosted the world famous Breeder’s Cup for the last two years. Strong possibility Oak Tree will move to Del Mar next year.
Dept. of Animal Services has reported cockfighting is continuing in rural areas of the county. Most recently gendarmes raided two ranches where fighting roosters and lethal knives were seized. These razor sharp blades are strapped on to the combatant’s legs before they are thrown into a ring. The rooster that survives the knife slashing becomes the winner. Thousands of dollars are bet by spectators.
PLF involved
Pacific Legal Foundation, a powerful legal entity that specializes in individual and property rights suits with great success, is representing George Hahn, a Cardiffian who markets compost made with worm castings (poop). He has been charged by the Dept. of Pesticide Regulations with selling an unregistered pesticide in violation of state laws and has been dealt a hefty fine. Hahn contends his product is a fertilizer that is a very beneficial for plant nourishment.
On the shorts
City of Maywood is the latest municipality that is on the financial shorts and facing bankruptcy. It has laid off approximately 100 employees, disbanded its police department and is contracting for services with neighboring cities. Remaining on staff are the city manager and city attorney. When the Surfside City incorporated in 1959 it was promoted on the premise all of its services would be contracted out.
OC Fairgrounds sale pending
Orange County Fairgrounds, a valuable 150-acre state-owned piece of property in Costa Mesa, is in the process of being purchased by Orange County Fair Authority, which includes the city of Costa Mesa as a principal in the deal. The Authority will pay $19.2 million up front and provide a 40-year promissory note for the balance of the $96 million sale price. Locally, the Surfside City says it wants to purchase the Del Mar fairgrounds if it becomes available. However, the selling price will be considerably more than Costa Mesa’s because of the racetrack.
Ticket probe
Free entertainment and special events tickets that are passed out to elected for their personal use are coming under scrutiny because they are considered to have a monetary value. In L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is under investigation by the D.A.’s office and the Ethics Commission because he is alleged to have received thousands of dollars in freebies and has not listed them in his disclosure reports. Watchdogs contend the ducats have value and should be noted.
Needs aid
Poseidon Resources that has received the OK to build a desalination plant in Carlsbad is reported to be stuck in neutral in order to proceed. At issue is an agreement with Metropolitan Water District that is in question. It appealed for assistance from S.D. County Water Authority and it has pledged support but has made it clear it isn’t interested in buying the operation projected to cost in the neighborhood of $550 million. County Farm Bureau has given its support for the project.
The Governator is pushing for a high-speed rail demonstration between L.A. and the Harbor City sometime this fall and before he cashes out … Community Gardens are reported to exist in all 50 states, two U.S. Territories, and three foreign countries but not in the Flower Capital … San Dieguito Art Guild recently celebrated its 45th anniversary … Lunch Around the Village is a monthly activity in the Surfside City and is being well-received because of the fellowship it is creating among the lunch group … SDG&E has announced new rules and regs for cutting off energy during high winds and wildfires mostly in the back country … Rancho Santa Fe’s The Country Friends will present their annual high fashion show Sept. 23 and have already received financial support from several major sponsors for the gala that includes a luncheon al fresco at The Inn and a wine tasting following the runway fashion program … Del Mar Highlands Center is upgrading its 20-year-old complex … Sales tax revenue is reported to be on the rebound particularly in C’bad and San Marcos … Catch Cardiff’s 101 Mainstreet Sundowner will be at 5:30 p.m. July 13 at San Elijo Lagoon Nature Center.


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