Foundation celebrates nonprofit grants

CARLSBAD — The Carlsbad Charitable Foundation awarded more than $44,000 to Kids’ Turn San Diego and The Interfaith Community Services, for their efforts in promoting a more civil society in Carlsbad. CCF presented the awards at its Grants Award ceremony June 29.
Kids’ Turn San Diego received $20,000 to provide no less than four, four-week workshops for approximately 100 to 120 families in Carlsbad who are divorcing or facing child custody disputes. The workshops address the emotional impact that these issues have on children and provide guidance on more effective communication techniques for all members of the family, including anger management and the need to focus on the mental and physical health of children faced with a fractured family. Kids’ Turn San Diego offers instruction to families in crisis on how to create a healthy two household environment for all involved.
Interfaith Community Services received $24,545 to assess the resources, existing programs and specific opportunities for social outreach at each Carlsbad faith center. ICS will conduct one-on-one meetings to identify discussion points for Carlsbad’s faith-based community, and spearhead at least two community-wide Town Hall Meetings to further galvanize all faith communities/congregations around specific issues identified from these meetings.


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