Letters: July 2, 2010

Prosser concedes to Lowery
Finally, all the votes have been counted from Oceanside. I have been waiting patiently and respectfully while the Registrar of Voters office completed the vote count because I consider it vital that every voter knows their vote has been counted. I wanted to take this time to thank all of my supporters in this campaign. They all worked hard and it resulted in a very close race between Chuck Lowery and me. Thank you to all as I’m both humbled and honored to have had your trust and confidence. I will be eternally grateful for that! I am proud of the race we ran. My campaign was civil and positive and the focus was kept on issues that are currently of primary importance to Oceanside. I also want everyone to know that I have a high degree of confidence in the vote count performed by the Registrar of Voters. My campaign consultant and campaign manager witnessed the process used by the Registrar to count the votes and because of that I will not be requesting a recount.
I wish Mr. Lowery well as he steps into a difficult situation as well as wishing the new Oceanside City Council all the best as they lead our beautiful and special city through these challenging economic times. I also want to thank my four other fellow candidates for being nothing short of gentlemen during the campaign process. I especially want to acknowledge and thank Oceanside city staff as they have been through an extended series of disrupting elections while trying to do their jobs under very trying conditions. Finally, thank you to the citizens of Oceanside as well for participating in the election and caring so much about our city. There are difficult decisions ahead and now we all need to pull together in the same direction to develop the full potential of our fair city.

Best regards to all,
Lloyd Prosser


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