Best and brightest earn end-of-year awards

ENCINITAS — The Grauer School announced a series of student honors and achievements as the 2010 academic year came to a close at the graduation and commencement ceremonies June 11.
The 19th annual Headmaster’s Award, Grauer’s highest school honor, was given to Dylan Whitmore, a graduating senior who demonstrated resourcefulness and exemplified expeditionary learning during the seven years he studied there, entering at sixth grade. Whitmore will continue his studies at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to study aeronautical science and government.
The Trustees Annual Service award for community service was given to 10th-graders Summer Kiesel and Corinne Smith. Graduating seniors Thomas Hopper, Lauragrace Barnes and Spencer Bromley were presented with the Top Music awards and a representative from the Daughters of the American Revolution honored 11th-graders Audrey Grauer and Madison Swoy for their service and citizenship.
During the ceremony, the school inducts high school students into the National Honor Society. To qualify, a student must have a 3.75 cumulative grade point average, have competed at least 12.5 hours of community service and must be a student in good standing, along with service, leadership, character and citizenship. Inductees for 2010 were Sydney Ellis, Kelsey Ellison, Keanna Gottlieb, Alicia Holliday, Caia Jaisle, Summer Kiesel, Lauren Predki, Rayna Shah and Stewart Wirick.
In each grade, students were also selected to receive the President’s Gold award for Educational Excellence. In order to qualify, students must have a 3.75 and higher grade point average and demonstrate excellent citizenship. The awards were presented to sixth-graders Julia Chuang, Natalie Espinosa, Parker Johnson, Brandon Pang, Skylar Pia, Natasha Sachs, Mikayla Stuart and Samuel Sugarman; seventh-graders Kahol Baniadam, Chris Ellis, Kaylee Helmbacher and Nicholas Higgins; eighth-graders Christopher Apodaca, William Braymen, Nicholas Rothbacher, Shelby Smith and Savanah Stewart; freshmen Sydney Ellis, Kelsey Ellison, Keanna Gottlieb, Alicia Holliday, Caia Jaisle, Summer Kiesel; Lauren Predki, Rayna Shah, Stewart Wirick and Casper Messamann; sophomores Michael Burton, Nicholas Getz, Mathew Higgins, Summer Kiesel and Madeleine Murphy; juniors Audrey Grauer and Jieun Lee; and seniors Lauragrace Barnes, Michelle Kao, Kaitlyn Kaseno, Taryn Predki, David Samaniego, Cindy Zhang and Dorren Shou.


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