Scholarships awarded

CARLSBAD — Ten outstanding graduating seniors from Carlsbad High School were recently presented scholarships by the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club. The total value of scholarships was $21,300 and the honorees were Alexandra Beatty, Kirstin Carmichael, Kimberly Holmes, Cindy Hsu, Ashley London, Robin Parrish, Madeline Spellerberg, Tamara Tripp, Maria Torrico and Rebecca Wheeler.
Scholarships were awarded on the basis of community service, academics, financial need and personal essays. Members of the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club support scholarships for Carlsbad High School students through its annual Teens and Marines golf tournament, set for July 23 at La Costa. A full day of golf, a banquet and other accoutrements are open to all community members who would like to play and support this important scholarship program.
The fee is $250 per person. Profits will go toward CHS scholarships and to care for wounded Marines. Call Walt Waggener at (760) 931-5393 or for golf reservations or further information.


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