MiraCosta College bookstore offers textbook rentals

COAST CITIES — Everybody knows that tuition at a community college is a good deal, but some are shocked by the price of needed textbooks.
Even at a community college, students may be required to spend as much as $150 per class on books. In an effort to ease this burden, MiraCosta’s bookstore is introducing Rent-A-Text, a textbook rental program to be offered for the first time this upcoming fall 2010 semester.
Students can save up to 50 percent on rental titles versus the purchase price of a new textbook, and have the option of converting the rental into a purchase at any time during the rental period. Books may be rented online and picked up at the store.
To determine if a textbook rental is available for a particular course, contact the Spartan Bookstore at (760) 795-6630, or go to rent-a-text.com.


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