Street sign wavers survive effort to ban them

Commission seeks more input
Just when Vista sign spinners thought they would be added to the outta work lines they received a temporary time out.
The Planning Commission had been requested to develop language to be added to the sign law that would have eliminated
the twirlers. These folks engage in great calisthenics with the signs advertising
businesses. Commissioners decided instead to seek more information from the business community. So for the time being, motorists waiting for traffic lights to turn green can continue to enjoy these unique messages.
Bus for Boys & Girls Club
San Dieguito Boys & Girls Club is one of a dozen nonprofits in the county to be bequeathed a retired North County Transit District shuttle bus. Until recently these had been in service for transporting seniors and handicapped folks.
Closed session cancelled
Hours before a Flower Capital closed session was scheduled to take place on June 2 it was cancelled. Reason? Conditions had not been met for holding such a meeting to decide how to handle the issue related to the city manager’s resignation. It appeared on the June 9 council regular agenda instead.
High-tech bingo
Satellite bingo, as is being proposed to be held at Surfside Race Place likely by the end of the year, is under consideration by the Poway city electeds. Electronic bingo must benefit nonprofit organizations and is more profitable for winners becuz it is hooked up to other participating facilities via satellite similar to off-track betting. Race Place is waiting for approval of a city ordinance, which is one of the requirements for conducting bingo.
Sales tax panel
In April 2005, a TransNet tax panel was appointed to monitor and evaluate the spending of the $14 billion tax that was narrowly approved by the voters. Activities of the panel have been quiet. Is it meeting?
Traffic lights
C’bad’s La Costa Avenue is slated to have five new traffic lights with the first one to be installed at Nuevo Castillo Way at a cost of 200 grand. Additional ones are on a future agenda. A sixth one at Levante will be paid for by La Costa Town Square when it is built. It’s all about traffic regulation and making it easier for motorists to move on that busy thoroughfare.
International attraction
Not too many years ago world fairs were a major happening and were the source of a lotta stories and pix. San Diego had the Pan Pacific Exposition in Balboa Park in 1935 and many of the buildings that are still in use today were constructed for that event. The world’s fair in China that runs through October has 61 major countries represented including the U.S. of A. Its pavilion cost $81 bil., which includes funding provided by major companies like Chevron and Pepsi Cola. The fair is expected to pull 70 million visitors.
Unique recycling company
Former longtime superintendent of technology education at the County Fair Roger Taylor, who is also a retired metal shop teacher from San Dieguito High School, is a principal in a company that is recovering debris from the ocean that will aid the environment as well as likely become profitable. Tons of junk, like plastic products, is collecting in an area between the West Coast and Hawaii. The dump is reported to be the size of the state of Texas.
Multi-lane add-ons
Caltrans has announced plans to widen I-5 by as much as six lanes between La Jolla Jct. and O’side. Car pool, bus and a toll lane are in the mix. An environment study is due for release, then public meetings will be held to gather input from the public. Projected cost? In excess of $4.5 billion.
Rice book published
Author/writer Diane Welch of Solbeach has published a photo-filled book on Lilian J. Rice, master architect whose footprints are
all over the Rancho Santa Fe
village and San Dieguito High School. Diane sez she spent years doing research and collecting material on the famous architect. Last summer she did a book on the history of the County Fair.
Plastic bags ban
Even though the record indicates folks aren’t clamoring to use paper instead of plastic shopping bags, the state assembly has OK’d a bill that will prohibit plastic for this purpose by 2013. The Cal Grocers Association, according to published reports, is no longer opposing the issue.
Neighborhood meeting at 6 p.m. June 24, Encinitas Community Center, 1130 Oakcrest Park Drive is about if light poles at the Hall sports park should be allowed to exceed 30-foot height limit … San Dieguito Union High School District has raised bus transportation fees to $600, up $100 for the coming school year … Juvenile curfew in Solbeach now is 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. and conforms with the curfew in the county, La Mesa and El Cajon … A Redondo Beach Harbor commissioner has threatened to lower the boom on his colleagues and seek action from the district attorney if they continue to ignore the Brown Act … A Cal congressional lawmaker has urged the U.S. Forest Service to lift the prohibition on night flying when fighting wildfires … First phase of the Helen Woodward Animal Center slated for completion by the end of the year will include a small animal hospital and administration building … Juliana Collins, a senior at C’bad Seaside Academy, has received one of five Don Diego Fund scholarships that total 23 grand … Vista’s $53.5 mil. Civic Center is now in use … Morgan Mallory of Cardiff has posed several important questions about the development of the Hall sports park that need answers; one of them being about 340 lights on 34 poles of up to 90 feet high … The racetrack is giving away wallet calendars that list major stakes events totaling $6.2 million.
Hasta la Vista


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