Letters: June 18, 2010

Thanks for supporting Citizens Against Charter
We wish to thank the many people who worked hard on the Citizens Against Charter campaign.
Thanks to everyone who voted “no” on K, distributed flyers, groups that invited us to speak, public TV station KOCT, those who waved signs and banners on busy street corners and sent e-mails, letters and opinion pieces to friends and the papers. This was a true grassroots, citizens’ effort.
We also wish to thank Jerry Salyer and his business group for their strong “No on Charter” message. Jerry brought many businesses and associates into the fold.
Sadly the final outcome, as in most modern politics, was the direct result of big money contributions and fancy mailers from special interests and the building industry. We spent less than $1,000. The ABC and building industry spent well over $60,000 and countless lobbyists’ hours to write and secure votes for the secretly drafted charter. Each “yes” vote cost the building industry and special interests over $5 per vote, an investment in our town that will undoubtedly have to be repaid.
We conducted an honorable campaign. We are truly grateful for the hundreds of caring Oceanside residents who worked with us. Please continue to participate in our wonderful City.

Nadine Scott & Dixie Bales
Co-Chairs, Citizens Against Charter

Two strikes against The Coast News
Two striking errors jumped out at me when I picked up the June 11 edition of The Coast News:
1. The first was the headline and story “Lowery narrowly wins seat, city charter passes.” Promise Yee was correct that the initial vote count favored Chuck Lowery by 134 votes over Lloyd Prosser, but that did not include all of the absentee and provisional ballots. The gap is closing as I write this, and by the date of your next edition we may well have seen our own version of the famous “Dewey Beats Truman” headline.
2. A photo caption for the story “Surf museum celebrates women on waves,” also by Ms. Yee, misidentified Eve Fletcher as Gidget. Eve is a surf icon in her own right, but the real Gidget, who was also there, is Kathy Kohner Zuckerman.

Rick Wilson

Editors note: The Coast News regrets the hasty wording in the article regarding the Oceanside election results and will continue to follow the results until all votes are counted. We also apologize for misidentifying Eve Fletcher as Gidget.

Not on board with FBC
I watched the Del Mar Council meeting on TV last night, and what I heard was not quiet approvals, but emphatic disapproval of a proposed Form Based Code, or FBC.
Full Design Review Board process is what is wanted (control), but is not what the FBC is really all about. A real FBC is a very detailed expression (in words and pictures) of what the “community” wants the downtown to look like — so detailed that a developer can read and look at it and propose something that should pass approval of a planning director for having met those details. That is what FBC is supposed to do, and Del Mar can’t let that happen!
Therefore, because of that issue, plus parking requirements, development benefits required, lack of city financial participation and basic economics, we will have spent a lot of time, money and frustration for another plan to put on the shelf! If this is not true, please explain why.

Ralph Peck
Del Mar

Great day trip thanks to OMA
I have considered taking a day trip, finally I did it with a lady friend. We booked ourselves through the Oceanside Museum of Art to visit with a bus/group the Pacific Palisades Paul Getty Villa Museum.
The bus was comfortable with an excellent friendly driver. Bill and Debra, our hosts, were informed and friendly. We got to the museum near noontime and had lunch. My friend and I met her daughter (pre-arranged) and decided to tour the Aztec Exhibit and others ourselves instead with the group.
Bill, the host, asked me to take extra pictures to be used by our museum in their newsletter (I did). The exhibits and grounds were outstanding. We came away feeling like Roman/Aztec. I will be checking with senior centers and take other day-trips.

William Hart


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