Grauerpalooza highlights student art and music

ENCINITAS — Grauer School students engaged in the culmination of a year’s work with a talented mixture of art, music, film, photography and camaraderie at the sixth annual GrauerPalooza event held at the Grauer School campus May 22.
The student-led performances included small ensembles comprised of instrumentalists and vocalists from all classes, where collaborations included the majority of students enrolled in the school. The art show included a half-hour production of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” a trailer of a student-produced film, photography and art illustrations and works in oil. Performances were held in the Great Room and on the Carr Family Pavilion followed by a barbecue on the green.
GrauerPalooza was presented at the tail end of the Grauer School Musical Expedition that took students, the week prior, on a musical journey up the California coast from San Diego to Santa Cruz and Big Sur, culminating in meetings with music executives in Los Angeles.
Art teacher Christy Goodson helped the students prepare for their exhibitions. “This is a multi-faceted artistic experience for the students who have worked hard to select their top works to highlight at this year’s event,” Goodson said. It’s gratifying to see how much the students have advanced this year — the Visual and Performing Arts Department will be showcasing some of the top music performances, art and photography at local venues.”


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