Surfrider foundation builds ocean-friendly garden

LA JOLLA — Help build a garden that saves water and prevents ocean-polluting runoff with the Surfrider Foundation, San Diego chapter, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 6 at the private home of Steve Roeder, 5560 Chelsea Ave.
The “ocean-friendly” garden will conserve water and energy by using plants native to the region and permeable paving and mulch that soak up water and prevent run-off into streets and drains.
“Most people don’t understand that outdoor watering accounts for over half of our water use and that urban runoff is the number one source of ocean pollution,” said Dylan Edwards, volunteer program coordinator for Surfrider.
“Even on a dry day, millions of gallons of water run off into the ocean from things like overwatering, sprinkler overspray and broken sprinklers.”
By building new gardens in their homes, San Diegans can cut water bills and help stop polluted water from entering our beaches, Edwards said.
Surfrider is selling “how-to” books and is offering a series of classes and workshops to help homeowners transform their gardens.
Surfrider volunteers will also help build the new gardens after homeowners come up with a design and acquire the necessary materials.
For more information about transforming your garden, visit


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