Chamber aims to support Encinitas schools

ENCINITAS — The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce, through its Education Committee, is supporting a strategy of connecting a local business with every classroom in the city’s three school districts.
The chamber is asking superintendents from Encinitas Union School District, San Dieguito Union School District and Cardiff School District, area children, the teachers and Encinitas residents to work together to meet the needs caused by current state budget shortfalls.
So far 24 businesses have pledged their support and for a local school.
The chamber asks that you consider picking a school in proximity to your home or business, or let them pick one for you, and work together to help support Encinitas classrooms. Your child’s class or the class of one of your neighbor’s children can benefit greatly from a small commitment from you.
Every month the newspapers will be placing an ad showing each business with its partner classroom, recognizing those businesses invested in the community.
All that is asked of businesses is to occasionally provide some project materials, pizza, drinks, or perhaps $20 to help with some transportation. The chamber looks forward to having you and your business be on their team, making a difference for your schools.
For more information, call (760) 753-6041 or e-mail


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