Letters: May 28, 2010

Help save KOCT
The city of Oceanside’s proposed 58 percent funding cut to KOCT would essentially eliminate KOCT — ending 25 years of service to our community. Our mission is to produce and televise community and government programming and to give the public access to the medium of television. Eliminating KOCT is an unwise business decision that would negatively affect seniors, students, families, the disabled and innumerable nonprofits, service clubs and the faith community
It makes no sense to scrap KOCT after the city of Oceanside worked so hard to obtain the best cable franchise in San Diego County in 2003. The city of Oceanside negotiations won $4.1 million in funding to upgrade KOCT’s equipment and facility. The city celebrated with us and the community when the expanded KOCT studio opened and KOCT increased programming about major city events and critical city topics. To walk away now from its long-term investment, when KOCT’s removal will not solve the city’s fiscal crisis, does not make business or common sense.
KOCT’s counter-proposal of a 22 percent cut will cause the loss of more KOCT employees. (Two employees lost their jobs in 2009 when KOCT received an 18 percent cut from the city.) But even with a 22 percent cut, we could retain enough employees to operate the studio and equipment and continue to produce and televise programs. If the non-public safety city departments increased cuts by only 2 percent more (a total of 22 percent) the city could balance its budget and not lose its investment in the community’s TV station.
KOCT will seek alternative sources of funding, reduce overhead costs and explore partnerships to continue our mission. We think KOCT’s counter-proposal is a win/win solution. If you see value in the continuation of KOCT, please write Oceanside’s elected officials to let them know you support KOCT.

Tom Reeser
Executive Director, KOCT

Say NO to Prop K
Prop. K, the city charter proposal in Oceanside, will lead to new taxes and assessments. What does this mean? It will cost you and your business lots more money to live and operate in Oceanside.
It also puts all the power into the five council members and takes away power from the citizens.
There is no need for a charter. It doesn’t save money. It costs money. Don’t believe the fancy, out of town lobbyist-paid-for mailers. They are wrong! Check out the real facts at www.CitizensAgainstCharter.com. Charters actually cost money through new taxes and assessments that are levied against residents and businesses. Oceanside could become like Vista and raise sales tax to be the highest in the County in order to cover the costs of the charter. Do we really want to vote in something will cost us all more money out of our wallets?
Vote “no” on Proposition K on June 8. Save yourself and the businesses in town a lot of money! Keep the power with the people. Don’t give it away to the five council members.

Nadine L. Scott, Attorney
Co-founder, Citizens Against Charter, www.citizensagainstcharter.com


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