Accused migrant killer maybe mentally unfit

OCEANSIDE — An Oceanside man accused of murdering his aunt’s lover will undergo a psychological evaluation to determine if he is mentally fit to stand trial, a San Diego Superior Court judge ruled May 11.
Jesus Borja, 29, is charged with a single count of first-degree murder in connection with the May 18, 2008, slaying of migrant worker Ramon Garcia Hilario. An additional enhancement that Borja used a knife to commit the murder is attached to the charge.
Prosecutors allege an intoxicated Borja stabbed Hilario to death because he was upset about his aunt’s relationship with the victim.
On April 7, Borja was given an extensive psychological evaluation by Dr. Bruce Yanofsky, who determined the defendant’s overall IQ is 67, the lowest possible score on the test, according to court documents. The doctor stated Borja has “limited intellectual resources” and “clear processing deficits.”
Yanofsky said he is not sure if the defendant’s “limited intellectual function” occurred from a brain injury Borja allegedly suffered as a teenager or if he has always been mentally disabled, court records state.
At a preliminary hearing in December 2008, a witness who rented a room in Borja’s family home on Stephanie Avenue where Hilario was murdered said he woke to the victim pleading for help as Borja straddled the man with a knife, adding that both men were covered in blood.
According to witnesses, Borja’s family rented the back patio out to migrant workers. One former renter said Hilario always carried a knife on him and made threats to anyone who got between and him and Borja’s aunt. Other renters and Borja’s aunt have denied those allegations.
Gilbert Vasquez, the defendant’s brother, testified his family took issue with Hilario’s treatment of their aunt and her children.
A hearing to determine if Borja’s criminal case will be suspended indefinitely because of his mental condition is scheduled for June 25.
Borja remains in custody without bail due an immigration hold.


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