Crews stop sewage leak from reaching beach, lagoon

CARLSBAD —Leucadia Wastewater District crews were able to prevent a sewage spill after a wastewater incident on Highway 101 in Carlsbad in the vicinity of Carlsbad Beach about 7:15 p.m. May 3. The pipeline leak was identified by California Fish and Game employees working in the area, and involved a pipeline that carries wastewater from Leucadia Wastewater District in Encinitas to Encina Wastewater Authority for treatment.
The district maintains redundant pipelines in the Carlsbad State Beach and Batiquitos Lagoon areas. Crews responding to the incident took immediate measures to mitigate the leak by switching to the redundant pipeline and vacuuming spillage using high-pressure vactor trucks.
As a result, no wastewater reached the Batiquitos Lagoon or surrounding waters and there was no impact on native birds nesting in the local area. The wastewater was captured and returned to the sewage system downstream of the incident.
Crews are continuing to investigate the cause of the leak and repair the pipeline and are working with local and state agencies to ensure that impact on area residents and the environment remains minimal.
For more information, contact Leucadia Wastewater District at (760) 753-0155.


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