Spotlight on Ranch resident, matchmaker Karian Forsyth

After recently attending a book signing of a famous matchmaker in Beverly Hills, I became inspired by this new enterprise that has many individuals finding true love. And what better way to find out the inside dish on how these services really work than from one of my good friends? I had the pleasure of interviewing Rancho Santa Fe’s very own matchmaker, Karian Forysth. She was kind enough to share some of her insights in my latest column:
Q. When did you become a matchmaker Karian?
A. In 1992.
Q. I explored your website and found all of these amazing stories of couples that found love because of you. How rewarding is that to know you have enabled others to find their true love?
A. It’s the most amazing thing to know that you have helped to make someone’s life change for the better. Whether it’s the best date that they have had or the ultimate goal for people who want a lasting commitment.
Q.  I have to ask, what do you think of the Rancho Santa Fe dating scene? 
A.  Since I am happily married as you are, I view it as another possible reality show! Being a smaller community with fewer places to go and a more mature group of singles makes it difficult for single people to find their ideal match.
Q. What advice would you give to those who are hesitant to invest money in finding the match, through your company?
A. If you are single and what you are doing isn’t working then you should be open and investing in alternative methods such as visiting The Ideal Match as we give results and have the solutions.
Q. If you could give some words of encouragement to someone still looking to find love, what would you say to them?
A. Well Machel, being an optimist and someone that takes action in all aspects of my life, I say what do you have to lose?  Keep doing what you are doing and remain single or be proactive and try something different with me.
Q. What do you think of “Millionaire Matchmaker” on Bravo? Is it really like that in the matchmaking business, or it that just hype for television?
A. I was entertained by it seeing that I am in the same business. Of course it’s not like that in my business we don’t rent mega-yachts and have two men pick from 20 women. It’s individual, one-on-one matching.
Q. Do you believe in love at first sight?
A. Yes I do believe in love at first sight for some people. On the other hand you can first meet someone and not think that they were your typical type, but a wonderful surprise occurs and they could be the love of your life. So the moral of the story is if you are lucky enough to have love at first sight that’s perfect. On the other hand if you meet someone that has great qualities this could be love at second sight, which is just as perfect.
Q. Last question. Why did you choose Rancho Santa Fe for your hometown?
A. I have lived all over the U.S., and once I moved to the San Diego area I grew to love Rancho Santa Fe more than anywhere I have lived.
Around Town
On April 10, I received word from my great friend Meredith MacDonald that her son Holden hit two grand slams in one game. If you know anything about baseball, that’s pretty cool. My son Jackson plays Little League too. So what I can tell you is for that to happen in one game is definitely newsworthy to me. Holden is part of the Del Mar Little League and is a member of the Angels! If you have any fun photos from Little League or other sports you would like to share with the community this spring, please share them with me. Thanks for sharing the photo, Meredith. Way to go “Home-run Holden!”
On April 14, Helen Woodward’s Spring Fling committee for Best in Show hosted a wine tasting at Fairbanks Country Club. Each guest that was invited was asked to bring an expensive bottle of wine, which would then be donated to the wine auction at the Spring Fling event coming up in June. My mother-in-law Katie Shull is head of this committee, and is featured here with her husband Ken Shull. Also featured are Dottie and Ed McCrink of Rancho Santa Fe. Make sure you buy your tickets now to help raise money for animals that need our help. This is one of my favorite events of the year!
Please visit June 5 is just around the corner, so remember to buy your tickets now to one the most exclusive events of the year in Rancho Santa Fe.
On April 17, I had the pleasure of attending another wonderful spa party at Karian Forsyth’s home in the Crosby. With the recent rains, the mountains have never looked more gorgeous inside the gates of this pristine community. The guests lounged around pool side in gorgeous frocks that resembled Egyptian attire fit for queens. Of course, coming from my son’s ballgame, I had my basic jeans and T-shirt. I guess I didn’t receive the dress code memo, just kidding of course. Melissa Williams also came that day for some fun in the sun. I enjoyed having my eyebrows dyed sort of dark and thick, think “Marilyn” here. I still go for that retro look I guess. Some of the other lovely ladies enjoyed facials by Oxygen Medical Spa, and a fabulous massage. Karian’s husband Tom crashed the party. I snapped a relaxing photo of him by the pool. Thanks Karian for including me at one of the best events each month in town. Life is meant to be lived luxuriously, especially in Rancho Santa Fe.
On April 15, Deana Carter from Carter Financial shared with me some important information regarding the recent health care changes. “The new health law will unfold over the next few years, with many of the highly controversial provisions not taking effect until after 2012,” Carter said. “The real costs of the bill are only becoming evident in 2014, although billions of dollars in new taxes and fees take effect sooner.” If you would like to meet Deana for some of your own financial planning, please contact her at (858)756-1566. I have included this photo of Deana from one of her health law forums she held right here in Rancho Santa Fe. Deana is also very active in the Rancho Santa Fe Rotary club. Thanks Deana for sharing this important information with the community.
On April 23, I ran into Holly Manion at Mille Fleurs on a hopping Friday night. The piano bar there, with Randy Beecher as the featured artist, is the perfect way to jumpstart your weekend. Holly was looking absolutely fabulous that evening and I captured a photo of her surrounded by some good-looking men in the courtyard that night. Holly keep up that fiery spirit, and thanks for always being so lovely to me. Oh, also, save the date for Mother’s Day Brunch at Mille Fleurs on May 9. Chef Martin always delivers the best brunch to spoil your mom that day. Trust me, this is a day you don’t overlook the woman that gave birth to you! To make your reservation, call (858)-756-3085.
Coming up in my next column, find out which local resident just went to Iraq as a photo journalist. I will be sharing these photos, plus which business will be making a grand opening three years after the Witch Creek Fire? Find out in my next “Machel’s Ranch.”


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