Senator’s bill threatens fairgrounds operations

Labor would be affected
State Sen. Christine Kehoe’s Bill 1177, as proposed, would cripple year-round County Fair operations, 22nd Agricultural District President Barry Nussbaum told the board of directors at a recent meeting. Affected would be jobs at a time when there is a critical need to provide them. Kehoe’s bill would create a 100-foot-wide greenway along the north bank of the San Dieguito River from the Santa Fe railroad to I-5. It would eliminate service yards, parking south of exhibit halls, low-cost RV facilities for exhibitors, an emergency and bus route and service entrances to exhibit halls. In addition, it would have a commercial effect on businesses like hotels, motels, restaurants and others who depend on fairgrounds interim events in the surrounding communities.
Benefits? None that would put food on the family table. The Senate Natural Resources & Water Committee recently approved the measure on a 6-2 vote. It will be considered next by the Food & Ag Committee. It also cleared the Food & Ag Committee and next will be considered May 10 by Senate Appropriations chaired by Kehoe.
Will Zenyatta return to Del Mar?
When Cigar put his 16-0 streak on the line in 1966 in Del Mar’s Pacific Classic, 44,181 fans crowded into the seaside facility to watch and wager on the “wonder horse.” However, he was a length behind Touch & Go at the wire. Imagine the clamor there would be if Zenyatta, winner of the last two Clement L. Hirsch Handicaps, returned if even to prance in front of the grandstand. She is known to show off before an audience. The lady champ equaled Cigar’s 16-0 win record at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, Ark., earlier this month. The contest of all time would be if she ever went stride for stride against Rachel Alexander, another turf darling. But that’s not possible because Rachel will not race on synthetic turf. In contrast, Zenyatta would run on I-5 to prove she, not Rachel, should be Horse of The Year. Make it of the century.
Auto thugs hit in C’bad
Car burglars, who smashed a string of car windows in Solbeach and the Flower Capital to swipe electronics equipment, personal belongingsand garage door openers, have moved their operation to C’bad where several car window break-ins have been reported. Folks who leave valuables in plain view invite such activities.
Del Mar Union School District’s Dr. Sharon McClain recently was relieved of her position for undisclosed reasons after serving less than two years. Some folks are saying she didn’t keep trustees adequately informed. McClain succeeded Tom Bishop who reportedly was fired for the same reason. Both actions will cost the district a pile of cash that it duzzn’t have a lot of. If these electeds want to micromanage school operations one of them should apply for the job. If they are qualified, of course.
Service above self
Sixty Rotary clubs with more 3,500 members throughout San Diego and Imperial counties lived up to their “service above self” mission April 24 when they did jobs nobody else will do in their communities. Among ‘em were doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants and other professionals.
Pollution-reducing trains
A coppla trains operating on the short line of San Diego & Imperial Railroad between the East County and the TJ border are reported to be reducing nitrogen oxide, an air pollutant, by as much as 90 percent. This type of locomotive is expected to make its appearance elsewhere in the area as funds become available.
Enforcement critical
Additional legislation now in the hopper to protect young people against heinous crimes likely will go on the books, which is good and certainly worthwhile. Enforcement of these laws is critical. The suspect in the most recent murder involving a young jogger is a case in point. On probation becuz of previous sex crimes the suspect was reportedly apprehended several times for other offenses and released. Cop out is there aren’t enough funds for additional enforcement. Why not take monies from other sources like pay raises and worldwide junkets by electeds to beef up enforcement?
O’side fire rings
Already faced with the election of a person to fill a council seat and a charter issue, O’siders now are having to grapple with fire rings on the beach. Some folks are saying the aroma and smoke from food being barbecued is creating a health problem. They are askin’ to have them relocated. Council electeds seem amenable but an OK from the Coastal Commish is needed since fire rings on public beaches are considered to be a statewide community benefit.
Part-time legislature?
Cal voters likely will be deciding in the 2012 elections whether to return the state legislature to part time. Members of Citizens For Cal Reform are saying it couldn’t come soon enough following this session’s sad performance. The legislature became full time in 1966, but since then it’s been a body that can’t adopt a budget on time, overspends, and has difficulty getting along internally and with the governor.
Supporters of gay marriages have decided to wait until 2012 before putting the issue on the ballot … Surfside City residents are being solicited to participate in Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, sessions that will qualify them to assist in all major emergencies … Users of the San Diego International Airport are alerted of major improvements under way at the entrance … Cockfighting in Hawaii is illegal but that didn’t prevent state electeds from extolling by resolution its cultural value … A mature eucalyptus tree on Stratford Court in the Surfside City was saved from the wood chopper’s ax when council electeds decided it was not likely to fall on a residence … Bob Baker’s Marionettes that wowed the little ones at the County Fair in the 1950s will be back on kids day June 29 … Solbeach Chamber is having a Sundowner May 5 (Cinco de Mayo) at the Holiday Inn Express starting at 5 p.m. … It may cost as much as 2 grand, up from $200, to place an initiative on the ballot if the Governator OKs the proposal … More than 42 percent of the voters went the mail route in 2008 and that number is expected to go up this November … U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein has endorsed San Fran’s Gavin Newsom for lieutenant governor.


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