Letters: April 23, 2010

Plant-based diet honors the planet
This week marks the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. A day we pledge to conserve Earth’s natural resources for future generations.
We already know about recycling, changing light bulbs, adjusting the thermostat, and reducing our driving habits. This year, we can best observe Earth Day by switching to a plant-based diet.
A recent study in WorldWatch magazine found that production of meat and dairy products may account for fully half of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, such production contributes more pollutants to our water supplies than all other human activities combined. It is causing global shortages of drinking water. It is the driving force in global deforestation and wildlife habitat destruction.
Let’s celebrate Earth Day and every day by replacing meat and dairy products in our diet with healthful, eco-friendly foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and nuts. Those opting for a more gradual transition will find ample soy and grain-based meat and dairy analogs in your local supermarket. Additional information is available at www.greenyourdiet.org.
Edward Cole

Great time at Oceanside Days of Art
I didn’t want the day to end. Upon making my exit from the parking lot, I heard music, laughter and saw colorful exhibits at the Oceanside Days of Art.
Got a program and I went looking, talking and immersing myself with beauty. The best part — speaking with the artistsm, learning what inspired them.
I came across one modern day abstract exhibit that so impressed me that I got Lyuri’s phone number and suggested to the Oceanside Museum of Art to exhibit his works.
To complete the enjoyment, had a banana split at Dairy Queen and brought a date in the afternoon. She even stayed for the whole belly dancing show (that’s what I call being understanding).

William Hart

Garden Festival brings Leucadia together
I want to thank the Encinitas Garden Festival for another successful, incredible event in Leucadia.
I had the pleasure of volunteering and besides getting to see lots of friends and acquaintances, when I was done with my shift, I got to see quite a few of the gardens. The most important aspect of the Garden Festival in Leucadia is the focus on our community character, which includes our gardens, homes, and the individuals who choose to live here. Thank you again to all the Garden Festival organizers for seeing what we in Leucadia fight so fiercely to preserve — our community character. Special thanks to Russell Levan and Kate David for the wonderful garden at the Central School, teaching our children the spirit of creating through gardening.
Rachelle Collier


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