Carlsbad celebrates volunteer service

CARLSBAD — Volunteers donated a record-breaking 91,532 hours of service to a wide variety of city of Carlsbad programs during fiscal year 2008-2009. More than 2,000 volunteers took meals to homebound seniors, helped youth with homework, served on the reserve senior volunteer patrol and enhanced many city programs.
City staff also turned to volunteers with specialized skills for assistance. This year, for instance, volunteers plotted map information for the city’s geographic information systems and assisted with other city technology projects.
“During this time of economic downturn, we have looked to our residents to help us continue to offer high levels of service to our residents,” said Carlsbad Volunteer Coordinator Sue Irey. “They are truly making a difference.”
Volunteer Suzie Thorley plotted storm drain locations and placed informational placards on cars parked on the street on street sweeper days. Asked why she takes on such unusual tasks, Suzie said, “It’s interesting. I’m learning. We engage other residents and provide public awareness. We have fun.”
For more information about the city’s volunteer program, contact the city’s community volunteer coordinator at, or call (760) 434-2929.


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