Juvenile admits to starting Aviara Oaks fire

CARLSBAD — During the early morning hours of Feb. 3, a suspect entered the Aviara Oaks teachers’ lounge area by throwing a metal grate through a window. Once inside, the juvenile vandalized numerous vending machines. Before exiting the building, the suspect started a fire on a couch in the room which caused extensive damage to the interior of the building.
Fire and police personnel were dispatched and the fire was contained to the single building. Arson investigators from Carlsbad Fire estimated the loss at more than $250,000.
Carlsbad investigators, with assistance from a school resource officer, were able to identify a suspect and to execute multiple search warrants in search of evidence relating to the crime. The juvenile was arrested for the crimes of burglary and arson on March 18 and was being held in the San Diego County Juvenile Detention Facility pending trial.
On April 14, the juvenile admitted culpability for the fire and damages and pleaded guilty to felony charges of 452 P.C. – Unlawfully/Recklessly Causing a Fire. Sentencing is pending and it is expected that the juvenile may face two years in custody.


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