New train horn to be tested

COAST CITIES — A test of a new train horn for the railroad crossing on Coast Boulevard in Del Mar, will be conducted from 9:30 a.m. to noon April 22, and Del Mar wants to public input on its effect.

 The new train horn being tested is called a Wayside horn, a stationary horn which may be permanently located at the railroad crossing. This horn would be used to warn pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles of an approaching train. Two of these fixed location horns are being considered to replace the need for the train engineers to use the locomotive train horns as they travel through Del Mar.
Because the city of Del Mar is trying to assess whether a Wayside Horn is quieter than the locomotive train horn for residents and businesses, please listen from your home or business.
The goal of the wayside horns is to reduce noise pollution near railroad crossings and to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians. The wayside horn is activated by a warning circuitry, directing the sound specifically toward oncoming motorists and the warning sounds until the train reaches the crossing.

The city of Del Mar wants feedback on the test. Send your thoughts after the test to or by FAX to (858) 481-0254.
For further questions, contact the Citizens’ Committee Chair Hershell Price at (858) 481-3357 or the city’s representative David Scherer, Public Works Director, at (858) 755-3294.


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