Students declare war on trash

CARLSBAD — As part of her service learning objective, La Costa Heights Elementary School second-grade teacher Sue Andrew and her students have declared an all-out war on campus litter.
Andrew has joined forces with fellow teacher Natalie Christ, whose fifth-grade students created a litter patrol at La Costa Heights. The newly formed LCH Litter Patrol scours the campus regularly to promote a litter-free environment. The students have been learning all year about the harm to marine wildlife due to storm water runoff. One of their major educational efforts was to create a wall mural depicting marine wildlife in their underwater habitat.
The mural, however, is punctuated with hundreds of pieces of trash. The kicker is that a sign explains that the litter used in the mural was found right around the LCH campus. The mural, hanging in the media center and visible to students, teachers and visitors, has proven to be a strong reminder for everyone to be mindful that trash can present a significant hazard to the planet’s sea creatures.


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