Former OPD officer pleads guilty to felony threat charge

OCEANSIDE — A former Oceanside police officer charged with threatening his ex-wife with a handgun on Valentine’s Day pleaded guilty March 25.
Listening intently as Superior Court Judge Robert Kearney reviewed the plea agreement, Randy Judd agreed to the terms of his plea, which includes possible prison time.
Judd, 50, pleaded guilty to one felony count of making a criminal treat relating to the Feb. 14 altercation with his ex-wife in her Valley Center home. A second felony charge of carrying a loaded firearm with the intent to commit a felony was dismissed in lieu of Judd’s plea.
In accordance with the plea agreement, Judd faces probation to three years in prison and will have a strike placed on his criminal record when he is sentenced May 6. If Judd is sentenced to probation, he will have to enroll in a 52-week domestic violence class and most likely be placed in an inpatient psychiatric treatment program, Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe said. Additionally, Judd will be ordered to stay away from his ex-wife.
Through Watanabe, Judd’s ex-wife said she believes her safety is best protected if Judd gets treatment at an inpatient residential psychiatric hospital as opposed to being sent to prison.
His ex-wife, who had filed for a temporary restraining order against the veteran police officer prior to their divorce in 2008, was not injured during the altercation. Immediately following the incident, Judd checked himself into a mental health facility.
All of the parties involved, including Judd’s ex-wife, believe the arrest was a wakeup call for Judd, who also lost his job with the Oceanside Police Department in 2008.
“I think the combination of those things just brought him to an emotional low,” his attorney, Bill Nimmo, said.
Nimmo said his client suffers from depression, but has the “willingness” to move forward and get the help he needs.
“I think the prognosis for his future is really good,” Nimmo said. Judd has since filed a lawsuit against the department for wrongful termination, according to court documents. The 16-year veteran alleges he was fired due to his disability and that the department denied him job accommodations.
The Oceanside Police Department denies Judd’s allegations and has filed a countersuit against him. The department alleges Judd voluntarily resigned his position in exchange for benefits to which he otherwise wouldn’t have been entitled.
A mandatory conference for the civil case is set for April 2.
Oceanside City Attorney John Mullen said Judd’s felony conviction could be used in the civil case to impeach his credibility if he testified.


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