Repairs slated for Carlsbad Boulevard

CARSLBAD — City staff announced the issuance of an Emergency Coastal Development Permit to repair damages caused by the recent winter storms at the March 23 council meeting.
The permit comes two months after the Jan. 17 storm that caused damage to Carlsbad Boulevard south of the Encina Creek Bridge, including a sewer line and lift station.
Since the storm, city staff has been assessing the damage to offer design solutions to fix the damage and protect the facilities involved, said planning director Don Neu.
The proposed repairs include replicating riprap work that is already being done as part of the Encina Creek Bridge renovations, which has closed lanes on southbound Carlsbad Boulevard. Riprap is a “series of large boulders that would be placed in a design pattern that would protect the roadway,” Neu said. The additional riprap work will continue south of the current bridge project.
The permit also calls for the relocation of a California State Parks and Recreation sewer line and lift station that were heavily affected by the storm. An outfall force main controlled by Encina Wastewater Authority is located where riprap needs to be placed, and the permit includes plans for protection of the main, Neu said.
The city of Carlsbad, California State Parks and Recreation and Encina Wastewater Authority are all working closely to complete the project. The three agencies combined the work under one emergency permit to efficiently move forward with the project.
Councilwoman Ann Kulchin recently observed the damaged coastline with Congressman Brian Bilbray and Assemblyman Martin Garrick. She announced that staff is looking to work with them to get both federal and state funding for the repairs.
City staff decided to issue the emergency permit because the necessary repairs “can’t wait for the normal time to notice publicly proposed actions,” Neu said. However, if any additional work needs to be done outside of the emergency permit, crews involved in the repairs would have to go through the normal process and apply for a regular permit.


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