New kids’ cooking show airs from Encinitas

ENCINITAS — “The Good Food Factory,” a cooking show for children and their families, debuted March 13 on 4SD and will be shown Saturday afternoons at 2:30 p.m.
The 4SD channel is available only through local cable companies, both Time Warner and Cox Communications. “The Good Food Factory” TV show, based out of Encinitas, is not only one of the first cooking shows ever created for youngsters, it also offers healthy recipes, teaching children how to cook “good food, with good friends, from scratch.”
Originally shot in Brooklyn in 2007, creator and host Amanda Curry decided to move operations to Encinitas in 2008, where cooking and eating healthy are part of everyday life. Curry filmed the four-episode pilot at Jimbo’s Naturally and Swami’s with young Carlsbad cook Dagan Stagg, an up-and-coming grom ripper paired up with local surf legend Jorma Beckstrom. If the pilot gets picked up, it will go into full production making a season here, with local youngsters, stores, groceries and more local people.
“I wanted to live a healthier and more active lifestyle myself, so I picked up and moved to Encinitas, where the waves were plentiful, fruit grew on the trees and kids could still be kids,” Curry said.
It turned out to be a smart move, as 4SD picked the show up for the current pilot season. “The Good Food Factory” will air the existing four-pilot episodes “Mother’s Day Mystery,” “Dog Biscuits for Lola,” “Sleeping Bag Roll-Ups” and “Surfboard Sandwiches.”
Each half-hour episode follows Curry as she meets with a friend who needs her help, comes up with a recipe and they learn how to cook it together. The youngsters come to Curry for help because she loves to cook, she loves helping her friends and she is never afraid of making a mess, or being silly. Sometimes Curry and her friends come across things in the recipe that confuse them, so they just ask people that they know for advice. Advice comes from grandmas, famous chefs, surfers and sometimes even little tiny men that live in canisters.
If ratings and audience responses are good, “The Good Food Factory” will go into production on a full season, creating more yummy food for children and their families.
“We need to remember that being healthy and active is fun, way more fun,” Curry said. I hope kids watch it, love it and want to cook everything they see on ‘The Good Food Factory.’ And I also hope they tell everyone they know to watch it! I want to make more healthy food with kids, right here in Encinitas.”
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