Ken Crossman

Oceanside native Ken Crossman describes himself as the citizens’ representative. “I’m a fresh face and bring some fresh idea,” Crossman said.
Crossman has worked in pubic service for more than 40 years. He served in the military and continues to work in law enforcement.
His priorities are to provide the core services of police, water, firefighting and sewer services to Oceanside citizens.
Crossman said his vision is to help the city progress and get through the present economic crisis. “I’ll vote to help make that happen,” Crossman said. “My motto is ‘I’ll do it better.’”
Crossman said he will work to promote small businesses and increase the city tax base. “We need to develop areas where there are strip mall vacancies,” Crossman said. “There are skilled people, mom and pop stores, I’ve seen a lot of them go out of business. We need to encourage them and give them every opportunity we can.”
Crossman wants to give all citizens a voice in the direction the city takes and is not taking sides in the present 2-2 vote split frequently demonstrated by City Council. “I’m committed to doing the best for the city,” Crossman said.
Crossman said he has not reached a decision on whether a charter will be good for the city. “I’ve looked at both sides and haven’t concluded which way is better,” Crossman said. “Economically the charter could save some money. On the other side it might not ensure building projects develop in a safe and proper manner.”


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