Charles “Chuck” Lowery

Oceanside native Charles “Chuck” Lowery brings to the race a lifetime of interactions with the people in Oceanside. “I spent my life here and care about Oceanside,” Lowery said.
Lowery is a retired businessman who has been active in neighborhood groups, commissions and committees. He also participates in numerous city staff meetings, especially over the last two years. Lowery said it gives him an inside view of how city operations run. “I learn what’s going on in the city and how city staff thinks,” Lowery said.
Lowery ran in the 2008 general election and came in a close third. He also ran in the recall election and received the majority of votes, but did not take the council seat because the recall failed. “Apparently I have the support of a lot of people,” Lowery said. “I hope I can get the support of all of those people and more this election.”
Lowery said he will be running a simple grass roots campaign and looking for residents’ endorsements.
His vision is to serve the people of Oceanside, not developers and not unions whose issues often cause the council to take sides. “It’s time for Oceanside politics to take the high road,” Lowery said. “We can rise above the bickering and bring dignity to the position of representing the people.”
Lowery does not support the proposed city charter. “This particular charter will not benefit Oceanside,” Lowery said. “It doesn’t include specifics. This charter is dangerous. It’s set up so council can make decisions once citizens pass the charter. We can’t afford that.”


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