Soccer club honors 6 athletes for sportsmanship

SOLANA BEACH — In sports, physical strength and agility are often essential to winning games. Equally important is the ability to encourage and inspire one’s teammates despite what’s on the scoreboard.
With that belief, the Solana Beach Soccer Club honored six young athletes with the Peter Schmid Sportsmanship Award during the annual board of directors meeting March 3 at Solana Vista School.
The award was established by Anthony and Amanda Schmid in honor of their son to continue to foster the love he had for soccer until his untimely death. Recipients are recognized for their citizenship, helpfulness, attitude and loyalty on and off the field.
Awards for the 2009 season went to Carson Boyd, Katie Lyle, Christina Martinez, Katie Pruden, Erik Rundlett and Madison Williams.
“Carson epitomizes the meaning of team player,” his coach, Glenn Forrester, said. “His helpfulness, sense of fairness and great attitude are in themselves sufficient qualities to justify his nomination. But over and above that he has a physical disability, which results in him playing soccer with only one active arm and a severe limp.
“Carson’s courage and attitude have been an inspiration to me personally and, I daresay, anyone who has watched him play.”
Michael Husted, Katie Lyle’s coach, said she demonstrates the true meaning of sportsmanship by always showing up for practice with a smile and working hard to get better. Christina, a first-year player, was consistently willing to play any position, including goalkeeper, said her coach, Jerilyn Larson.
Husted, who also coached Katie Pruden, another first-time player, said her citizenship, helpfulness, attitude and loyalty “made it fun to coach her.”
“Katie would always listen and be willing to play any position,” Husted said.
“Erik has developed great leadership skills,” his coach, Eran Sinai, wrote. “He was always the first one to show up and the last one to leave. Erik was always ready to perform every task, (including) collecting equipment.”
Jim Carroll said when things got tough for his under-12 team, Madison always “rose to the occasion.”
“In a most helpful way, she challenged her teammates, reinforcing the principles of positive attitude and fair play,” he said, adding that her spirit is contagious.
He also lauded her for cheering on her teammates from the sidelines during the all-star tournament even though she didn’t make the all-star team.
Retiring board members Chris Appleton, Jerilyn Larson and Mike McClune were also honored at the meeting.


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