Museum hits high note with 10-year celebration

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad’s Museum of Making Music, or MoMM, recently celebrated a notable milestone — its 10th birthday — by hosting a day of free musical activities for the community.
Music lovers and musicians alike flocked to the museum on March 6, located at 5790 Armada Drive, to help celebrate MoMM’s 10 years of service to the public. The community was treated to seven hours of free museum admission, live performances and instrument demonstrations.
“We’re happy with the (turnout),” said Noah Flick, marketing and program coordinator. “The parking lot is packed!”
One of the day’s main draws was the ukelele performance and sing-a-long led by local musician Brad Norris. “It’s the friendly instrument, and it fits in the overhead compartment of a plane!” Norris said.
He told a brief history of the instrument, performed several recognizable tunes, including the theme to “Star Wars,” and even demonstrated his unique spin on the ukelele — the “gitalele,” a combination of a steel guitar and ukelele.
A crowd wielding their own ukeleles joined Norris in a lively rendition of “You Are My Sunshine” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” The audience was comprised of people of all ages, from little ones with their first ukelele to those that have been playing for years.
“We came for the ukelele session,” said North Park resident Keiliki Rodriguez, with son Noah, 4, who recently started taking ukelele lessons as a birthday present. “We love this museum.”
Although MoMM’s exhibits already do a thorough job of explaining the history and timeline of making music, the birthday event was a chance for the information to come to life. Local musicians were spread throughout the exhibits demonstrating various instruments, including the Chapman Stick and the trumpet, and explaining the theory behind the instrument’s design.
Members of the San Diego Mandolin Orchestra played several models of the mandolin for museum visitors. Jim Trespasso and Ted Scafidi pointed out details differentiating each model from the last and played samples on each. Later in the day, five members of the orchestra played together in the lobby.
“This place has been a zoo,” volunteer Wanda Pugh said.
The Museum of Making Music is located at 5790 Armada Drive in Carlsbad. It is open to the public for a small admission fee Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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