Ranch Scholars’ Circle celebrates donors

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation hosted a special recognition evening for their Scholars’ Circle donors in February at the home of John and Nancy Jo Cappetta.
Guests enjoyed food prepared by Barry Layne of Coast Catering, entertainment by Randy Beecher, and a trivia game of “old school vs. new school.”
This year, the Rancho Santa Fe Education Foundation raised more than $800,000. All funds are used for the “five-star education” campaign, which the district uses to meet its small class size objective of 20 students or fewer per class, grades kindergarten through eighth.
The rest of the donations fund teaching specialists across science, Spanish, arts, athletics, math and music in addition to special programs such as the Columbia University Reading and Writing Program and Global Literacy.
Receiving multi-year pledges of significant amounts is important to the district, as it allows for more accurate planning of staffing and program commitments. Donations also help families that are not able to cover the cost of their children for the benefits under the “five-star education” campaign.
Scholar’s Circle members continue a tradition that began in 1997 when a group of 25 Rancho Santa Fe school families came together to provide considerable funds to supplement the Rancho Santa Fe School District annual budget, allowing for an enriched public education for their children.
Today’s Scholar’s Circle is made up of parents and members of the community who pledge at least $30,000, usually over a three- to five-year period.


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