Letters: March 12, 2010

Kern & Feller did not honor Chelsea King

Last Wednesday, Councilmen Kern and Feller left the meeting before a memorial could be made to honor recently murdered Chelsea King
I couldn’t believe their lack of caring and their overt selfishness. Many people e-mailed me and called me on the phone expressing similar upset and outrage at their lack of respect.
Time after time we have to listen to Feller discuss his numerous children and grandchildren and the deaths of people in town whom most of us never met. I, for one, would like to see his council report at least discuss city business for a change.
However, in the case of adjourning a meeting as a memorial to Chelsea King, that would have been respectful of another family’s loss.
Please Councilmen Kern and Feller apologize to the public and to the King family for this very selfish breach of etiquette.

Nadine L Scott



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