Preserve Calavera group begins fundraiser

CARLSBAD — Preserve Calavera has announced a pledge drive to raise the funds to permanently preserve the area known as Village H in the Calavera Hills neighborhood of Carlsbad.
According to the group’s president, Diane Nygaard, “There is such overwhelming community support to preserve this land that we felt we just needed to do whatever we can to help make this happen. Several people spontaneously made pledges at the community event we held Feb. 13. This will now make that official, and give everyone who cares about preserving this land the opportunity to participate.”
The goal of Preserve Calavera is to preserve, protect and enhance the natural resources of coastal North County.
“What better way to preserve our natural heritage than permanently preserving land like this?” Nygaard said.
Village H was purchased last year by Thompson Co. of Nevada. The new owner recently put the land up for sale. Preserve Calavera and members of the community had asked the City Council of Carlsbad to acquire this land last year. This pledge drive will now give everyone a second chance to make that happen.
According to Nygaard, Village H has long been a community gathering, hiking and dog walking place considered the heart of the Calavera Hills community. The 3.2 acres right along Carlsbad Village Drive, near Victoria, is at risk of development.
“Small open space areas like this don’t just benefit the few people that live on their borders,” Nygaard said. “This area is part of the regional wildlife corridor connecting Calavera with the Buena Vista Creek Valley. This connectivity makes it critical for the health of our local wildlife, while also providing wonderful recreational opportunities for all of us in North County.”
According to Preserve Calvera, this particular property was ranked as the second most important property to preserve in the entire city of Carlsbad by a Citizen’s Open Space Committee appointed by the City Council in 2007. Preserve Calavera led the successful community fundraising effort several years ago that resulted in the purchase of the 134-acre property now known as the Buena Vista Creek Ecological Reserve. They were able to use local fundraising to leverage $8 million in state and federal funds for that acquisition.
For more information and to make a pledge, contact or call (760) 724-3887.


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