Water for Sudan receives major grant to drill wells

RANCHO SANTA FE — Water for Sudan, Inc. has received a $50,000 grant award from The William H. Donner Foundation, Inc. Water for Sudan increases the quality of life and health of families in Southern Sudan by drilling the first wells and providing safe, fresh and potable water within close proximity to villages. Monies from this grant will help purchase supplies and water pump equipment for this year’s effort in the desolate areas of Southern Sudan.
Water for Sudan, Inc., based in Rochester, N.Y. was organized in 2003 by Dut. In the past five years, Water for Sudan has installed 43 successful water pump systems in remote villages serving tens of thousands of Southern Sudanese. With each new well, hundreds of families receive fresh, clean water located close to their village.
Dut, president, project director and one of the former Lost Boys of Sudan is from the Dinka tribe in Tonj. Dut immigrated to and has been educated in the U.S. He is a U.S. citizen.
Since 2005 Dut and his teams of drillers journey to the most rural areas of the country to install water pumps. “With the clean water from the pumps, the villagers do not need to migrate seasonally to search for and drink contaminated water from a swamp or water hole,” Dut said. “We provide the village’s first, clean, safe water to drink.”
“Most of our pumps,” Dut said, “have been installed in heavily populated areas of Bahr al Gahzal where there was no safe water.” This year, Dut anticipates managing three teams instead of two teams this season in three distinct regions of Southern Sudan — one in the southeast region called Equatoria near Ethiopia; one in the northeast Upper Nile near Ethiopia; and one team in the Bahrel Gahzal near Waw. Dut is preparing three convoys of drillers.
“We’ll drill dozens of wells,” Dut said. “With no unforeseen difficulties, we are very
confident of our success in drilling to our capacity.”
He will return to the U.S. in May. Water for Sudan, Inc. is able to drill fresh, safe water wells through generous private donations. This year, the supplies and equipment support from The William H. Donner Foundation is joined with the support from other donors. In particular, it is joined with the Rancho Santa Rotary and San Diego philanthropists. This group helped fund a second drilling rig for Water for Sudan. The “150 Deep Rock Drilling Rig” makes it possible to drill in the Upper Nile region.
Dep Tuany, Water for Sudan Vice President and former executive director of the San Diego Southern Sudanese Community Center, immigrated to the U.S. in 1993. Tuany will travel again to Southern Sudan and lead one of the three drilling teams to “Maiwut” in the Upper Nile region. “It is home to many Southern Sudanese who immigrated to the San Diego community,” Tuany said. “We will install fresh water pumps in my homeland.” Tuany is from the Nuer tribe.
“We are very appreciative of this generous support of the William H. Donner Foundation,” Dut said. “We thank them for their confidence in us in fulfilling our mission this year.” Although it is almost five decades since the passing of William H. Donner, the breadth of vision and the willingness to take risks that characterized his business and philanthropic careers are memorialized in The William H. Donner Foundation.
Based in New York City, the trustees and officers of The William H. Donner Foundation have held steadfast to two key philanthropic principles of the founder — acceptance of clearly defined risks and the judicious use of incentive grants to advance thoughtful, creative projects.
To learn more about Water for Sudan, Inc. and its mission to bring fresh, safe water to the people of Southern Sudan, visit www.waterforsudan.org.


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