COMMUNITY COMMENTARY: Swami’s surf contest doesn’t make sense

It is ridiculous to think that a special public event, hosting thousands of people at the Swami’s Beach park over a four-day period, would be considered feasible. But our City Council has decided to allow for permitting a special four-day event at the Swami’s Beach park, our Crown Jewel. Of course we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, “ridiculous” and “government” are synonymous these days.
By the way, no one can explain to me what makes an event “special” as opposed to not-so-special. But, understanding politics as I do, I’ll assume it involves re-election campaign funds.
Now, here are just a few liabilities our City Council ignored when they agreed to allow “special event permitting” at a city park where, according to our own city policy, no events are to be allowed (ridiculous = government):
1) The recent, dangerous, potentially deadly and ongoing cliff/bluff erosion below the Self Realization Fellowship. This isn’t hyperbole people. Go take a look — I dare you. Two massive slides occurred in mid-February and geologists (SRF hired) have since studied and orange flagged the area. Monitoring continues. These two slides overshadow the five smaller but equally deadly slides on each side of the city’s staircase. Ignoring this, your City Council agreed to allow event permitting. Maybe this is why it is a “special” event permit. It’s not everyday you allow hundreds of your constituents to set up beach towels in harms way.
2) There is no American Disabilities Act access down to the beach. Litigation-happy ACLU lawyers are chomping at the bit. Hey … I’m just saying, they are out there. They hunt this stuff down. Don’t believe me? Google “Encinitas Dennis Sharp.” Guess what? He’s already sued Encinitas. Del Mar too. He won. Nevertheless, your City Council decided to ignore this and move forward with discriminatory actions by allowing for Swami’s Beach park special event permitting. The silver lining being that without ADA access, Mr. Sharp will not have to worry about the landslides?
3) A parking and traffic flow safety double jeopardy. If you don’t know already, let me tell you, people park on Vulcan. They get out of their cars, just east of the train tracks, and cross the two train tracks (on a blind curve no less!), then they proceed to perilously cross the 45 mph Highway 101 in order to get to the Swami’s Beach park. And oh yeah, one more thing, there’s no crosswalk. Your City Council, they’ve ignored this too.
There are many other obvious and quantifiable reasons to disallow any special event at the Swami’s Beach park, never mind a four-day affair — the lack of restrooms, the narrow staircase, limited parking, sanitation, environmentally sensitive areas, closing a public park to public access, all the issues that made it formerly off-limits. But, alas, it does not matter. The blinding lights of reality and common sense have forced our city council to look away and act in a ridiculous fashion. They have agreed that a four-day special event at the Swami’s Beach park hosting thousands of people is feasible.
Here is the good news, hold on to your hats people … there are plenty of beach parks within the city that allow for special events. Moonlight Beach park, Seaside State Beach park and Cardiff State Beach park amongst them. Guess what? There is plenty of parking, no safety issues and ADA access. One more thing, our government charter, our law and our policy actually allow and encourage events at these locations. I know, I know, that’s too much common sense.


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