Grant sought for least tern nesting sites

Cooperative effort
Fairgrounds staff has filed a grant fund proposal with San Diego Association of Governments to enhance and augment maintenance and monitoring of four least tern areas in the San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration area. And surprise, surprise, this is with the complete support of the San Dieguito River Park JPA, So Cal Edison and San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy. Objectives are to remove invasive plants, habitat restoration, and access control. Fairgrounds General Manager Tim Fennell says a grant is very important now because the Harbor City withdrew its share of funding for the San Dieguito River Valley due to its anemic financial situation. Least tern have an increased presence in the area since restoration of the lagoon began.
Expensive exercise in democracy
Recent preliminary financial cost figures released on the effort to recall O’side Councilman Jerry Kern are in excess of $400 grand. He prevailed against the movement by 63 percent. There were 23,414 ballots cast. Almost everyone became involved including organized groups, out-of-towners and scads of volunteers. The warfare starts again soon becuz Kern plans to run for re-election in November.
Partisan politics ending?
Voters statewide will decide in June whether partisan politics will be eliminated. Proposition 14 provides that all candidates running for the same office will appear together instead of on separate ballots. The two top finishers in the voting will duke it out in November regardless of party affiliation. No surprise that some politicians are lukewarm about the idea.
Another phone scam
Folks have reported receiving phone calls from someone giving the impression they are in some official capacity and asking why they didn’t report for jury duty. Then the caller offers to represent them in pending action and will save them from dire consequences then asks for social security number and date of birth. If this info is provided, your identity will be stolen. Beware!
Sea bird sculpture
Thanks to native Solbeach residents April Childs and Peter House, Fletcher Cove visitors are now greeted by a majestic bronze sculpture of a bird of undetermined species. House and Childs contributed the sculpture to the city’s public arts collection. During the unveiling recently, Childs said it will be prominently featured in elaborate landscaping between the community center and Fletcher Cove. Currently, there is an aggressive fundraising campaign ongoing to bring the center up to ADA standards. April recalls that it was her mom, Wenetta, who replaced garish billboards on Highway 101 with Torrey Pines that are now an integral part of the Rail Trail. At the time she was president of the Solana Beach Civic Womens Club. She was heavily criticized for the metal sculpture that she erected at the entrance to the plaza. April said her mom took over the family garage to weld all parts of the sculpture together. “Residents said it was ugly at the time but now it’s considered a unique piece of art,” April said.
New organization
Del-Sol Lions Club has been officially chartered with former mayor and current Councilman Dave Roberts as its initial proxy. Lions clubs are international in scope. Roberts sez his organization is ready to take on worthwhile community projects.
Speeders targeted
Cal Highway Patrol officers make up a unit contracted by Rancho Santa Fe Association to provide traffic enforcement services. Currently, their presence is being felt by drivers who speed on Ranch streets. The cops work overtime shifts from their regular highway duties. Cell phone users while driving and other moving infractures are being monitored.

Desal objections canned
The California Coastal Commission has dumped the latest objection to the construction of the desalination plant at Encina. Coast Law Group alleged the builder, Poseidon Resources, had misled the commission about greenhouse gas emissions. The vote was 8-4 to deny the objection with O’side commissioner Esther Sanchez who is on City Council casting one of the four votes.
Academy arts center
An arts center at San Dieguito Academy may become a reality soon now that the state has agreed to release construction funds. It’s one of those “shovel ready” projects that was popular when the feds were passing the stimulus package. Cost of the multi-purpose facility that will be available to the community when not in use by the academy is in the neighborhood of $9.7 mil.
Plunges to No. 7
According to published reports in the UT, the northbound off-ramp at Via de la Valle that for years was the worst bottleneck in the county has plumeted to No. 7. In first place now is Highway 78 in San Marcos. Great news for the fairgrounds.
The proposed Gregory Canyon landfill near Pala Casino is doing another environmental study at the request of the Army Corps of Engineers … A Singapore casino has won the OK to offer gambling and is expected to attract customers from Southeast Asia … What could be termed as being the joke of the new year is the announcement that some state electeds were shocked when they learned some state agencies heads were spending money like drunken lawmakers … Harbor City electeds are balking at recommendations made by the Ethics Commission that is seeking more clout to root out corruption among lawmakers … With the window of opportunity to exit the county now closed, the Chargers have announced they’ll stick around for the time being.
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