Parker students work to raise funds for Haiti aid

SAN DIEGO — Seniors in the Social Justice class at Francis Parker School spent a week raising money to assist the ongoing earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.
The 33 students in Philip Trotter’s class, including Carmel Valley residents Alexa Frantz and Nick King, diligently used their time talking to Parker parents in the drop-off line at both the Mission Hills and Linda Vista campuses, while money was also raised each day during the lunch hour at the Upper School.
The seniors raised $1,075 between the two campuses Jan. 29 morning alone, bringing the weekly total to $2,300. That amount will be doubled through the generosity of another benefactor, for a grand total of $4,600 that will be given to Partners in Health.
Additionally, the student council at the Lower School has raised $500 that will be given to the American Red Cross in support of their relief efforts in Haiti. That money was generated through sales of hot chocolate and other various events on campus, inspiring an anonymous Parker family to donate $5,000 to the same charity on behalf of the Lower School students.


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