Teen to stand trial for supporting robbery attack

OCEANSIDE — A teenager will have to stand trial for his role relating to the attempted robbery and beating of several middle school students, a judge ruled Jan. 28.
Christian Nava, 18, is charged with participating in the group robbery and attack of a few young teenagers behind the Cinema Star Luxury Theaters on College Boulevard around 8 p.m. Jan. 8, 2009.
He faces one count of attempted robbery and two battery counts.
The victims testified they were confronted by three teenagers while they were hanging out near the movie theater. One of the suspects, a juvenile that at least one of the victim’s knew, demanded the boys’ money and jewelry. The victims said they ignored the request and walked away behind the theater; however, the trio returned with several other teenagers and physically started attacking them, the victims testified.
While he may not have thrown any punches or made any request for the teens to hand over their valuables, prosecutors allege Nava supported the robbery and subsequent brawl.
Following the hearing, Deputy District Attorney Anne Richardson said under California law, a person can be held accountable for the acts of others if they have the “intent to join” the crime or play a supporting role.
One of the victims, a 14-year-old boy whose name is being withheld because he is a minor, said his arm was broken during the assault. He said he was punched and kicked a handful of times, but not by the defendant.
“I don’t think he jumped us, but he was with the guys who confronted us,” he said.
The prosecutor said she couldn’t comment about the aforementioned juvenile who initiated the robbery and his brother, who was also at the brawl, because their cases are being handled in Juvenile Court.
Nava, who remains in custody, faces more than five years in prison if convicted, Richardson said. An arraignment date of Feb. 11 has been set at which time a trial date may be scheduled.


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