Officers and volunteers honored at annual awards ceremony

CARLSBAD — Carlsbad police officers were recognized for varying acts of bravery and departmental accomplishments at an annual award ceremony held Jan. 27.
Police officers, their families and council members packed the Carlsbad Safety Center, 2560 Orion Way, as the force’s finest members and volunteers were presented with awards.
“These officers represent the best of the best,” Chief Tom Zoll said.
The ceremony began with the Senior Volunteer Patrol Color Guard’s Presentation of the Colors, followed by a saxophone solo of the “National Anthem” performed by Daniel Kamon of La Costa Canyon High School.
One of the highlights of the ceremony was the acceptance of the “Officer of the Year” award, given to Corporal Gary Marshall. Zoll noted that as a member of the force, Marshall was “personally and professionally committed to Carlsbad.”
“He exceeded even his own high standards,” Zoll said.
Police Stars were awarded to both Marshall and Cpl. Torrey Cluett for their heroic efforts to retrieve a woman involved in an accident south of Tamarack Avenue from a lagoon. Other notable titles were “Supervisor of the Year” which was presented to Sergeant Steve Sutt and “Civilian Employee of the Year,” given to Joe Stephenson.
Volunteers with the force were also recognized at the ceremony. Jordan Roberts, a criminal justice major at Palomar College, was awarded “Explorer of the Year” for his volunteer work with the police. He has donated more than 600 hours of community service hours as a member of the Police Explorers Post.
Other awards were handed out to officers who had completed lifelong learning courses, including an MBA and completion of the FBI training program, as well as those who have maintained safe driving records for as many 15 years.
Four-legged members of the force were not to be looked over in the ceremony. Zoll noted that Cluett and his K9 partner, Raven, received the Top Dog Award at a regional competition last November. Police Cpl. Allen Severy and dog Arlo placed fifth in the competition that involved narcotics detection and patrol work.
Although impossible to acknowledge the entire force on an individual basis, everyone with the Carlsbad Police was commended for his or her efforts with the department.
“There’s a lot of silent heroes within the police department,” Zoll said. “They truly care for the city that they work for.”


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