Time Warner updates negotiations with Fox

COAST CITIES — In the ongoing battle between Time Warner Cable and the Fox Network, Time Warner said Jan. 1 that customers in San Diego County will not lose Fox5 San Diego programming, no matter what the contract outcome is between Time Warner Cable and Fox Broadcasting Company. KSWB-TV, Channel 5/69 is a local affiliate owned by the Tribune Company and will not be impacted.
Time Warner Cable added that customers in San Diego County won’t miss any college football bowl game or NFL game, not one episode of “24,” a single moment of “American Idol,” nor any other Fox programming carried on Fox5 – KSWB or Fox 5 HD (705) in San Diego County. In addition, they said Fox News, Fox Business and Fox Movies are also not at risk of being pulled by Fox.
Time Warner Cable continues to work to reach an agreement with News Corp’s Fox Network over their carriage contract, which expired at midnight on Dec. 31, 2009. The controversy has arisen from Fox requesting Time Warner Cable give in to demands for price increases. Fox threatened to pull some of its cable networks at 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2010.
As a result, Time Warner Cable customers in San Diego County are at risk of losing FSN West, FX, Speed, Fuel, FOX Reality, FOX Soccer, FOX Sports Español and FSN Prime Ticket (only in North County)
Time Warner Cable customers are invited to voice their opinion and view the latest updates on this ongoing negotiation at www.RolloverOrGetTough.com. On this site, customers can also view a list of what channels may no longer be available and learn about alternate ways to continue watching their favorite shows, such as viewing online, in the event these networks are pulled.


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